The IFVARB Mystery Summit @ KDTW 182000ZJAN20

Hello everyone! The IFVARB Summit is less than one week away and we are very excited to bring to you our densest summit yet with a record 140 movements scheduled in the first hour of the event!

We are also proud to announce that for the first time, this event will last less than 2 hours after some careful planning.

With that, I would like to thank the following people as the event will not be possible without them.

@JoshFly8 for being as crazy as I am, designing the in-air procedures, and being the ever-wise IFATC Liaison.

The IFATC Team for providing their ATC Services for this event.

@Brandon_K for designing the mystery part and making slots more user-friendly than a rats nest of Google Sheets.

@Chris_S For providing generous amounts of server hamsters to power the mystery and user-friendliness.

Event at a Glance

Server: Expert

Airport: KDTW

Time: 2020-01-18T20:00:00Z

NOTAMS: See Below

Assignment Details: To check your slot details, please enter your IFC username on this page. It you’re having issues retrieving your slot details, please PM us.

Feeder Airports

The following airports are recommended as origin points or destinations and will be staffed by IFATC on a best-effort basis during the event. Slots and stands at these airports will not be assigned and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Feeder Airports

  • KLAS
  • KRDU
  • CYXE

There are no established STARs and SIDs for those airports, please follow all ATC instructions as you would any regular flight.

Gate Assignments

Reference Documents: Slot Assignments | Ground Charts | Searchable Slots

  • Please ensure that you are spawning/parking on the right lines. We are stuffed here.

If you are unsure about your assignment or if you/your VA do not fit, please let us know ASAP us to evaluate your situation and adjust as needed.

Ground Procedures (Departure and Arrival)

Reference Documents: Ground Procedures | Ground Charts

Yes, the slots and taxiing procedures are complex. Please study the attached ground charts and cross-reference against the ground procedures to prevent confusion.

Please DM us if you have questions.

In Air Procedures | Credit - @JoshFly8

Reference Documents:

Departure SIDs

These procedures are to be followed at all times to ensure proper traffic flow.








Aircraft can follow those paths and expect to be vectored for their respective intercepts once crossing that final fix.


Spectators will be subject to the same procedures. We are pleased to offer 12 spectator (fly-in) slots during the event! DM both @IFVARB and @JoshFly8 for a spot!

Once again, please DM both @IFVARB and @JoshFly8 if you have any questions or concerns about the procedures.

@Danman (myself) will be available on the day of the event from 1500z onwards for any urgent “day-of” inquiries from VA representatives. See you there!

On behalf of the team


Can’t wait!!! 🎉

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The Summit Home Webpage is now released! It can be accessed from the homepage of our website, Once we get closer to finalizing gate assignments, the feature to lookup your assignment will be become available. The search bar will appear where it currently says, “Coming Soon.” The Summit is only 2 weeks away. We look forward to seeing everyone there!



Could I please be removed for the BAVA Slot as I no longer associate with the VA, thanks!

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Hi everyone!

The IFVARB summit is less than one week away and the searchable slots are available below.

Departure and ground procedures are now available on the original post with arrival procedures coming soon. We have completely revamped it with new information, please take another look and let us know if you have any questions.

Spectator fly-in slots are now available! Please contact @IFVARB and @JoshFly8 for more information.

See you on the 18th!

On behalf of the IFVARB Summit Team.


How can i get a fly in gate?

Contact your VA president

I dont have one

Hopefully (as always) Final Update

T-2.5 days! I hope everyone is all read up on the procedures and are familiar with them!

Here are some additional logistic items regarding ATC procedures on the day of the event courtesy of @JoshFly8

Please use your assigned callsign to enable better tracking by the IFATC team.

  • There will be 9 active ATC frequencies during the event, responsibilities are broken down as follows:

    • Ramp Control #1 (119.25) - Terminal A
    • Ramp Control #2 (119.45) - Terminals B & C
    • Ground #1 (121.80) - Terminal A
    • Ground #2 (132.72) - Terminals B & C
    • Tower #1 (118.40) - 21L/21R & 9R
    • Tower #2 (135.00) - 22L/22R
    • Approach #1 (125.15) - 21L Arrivals
    • Approach #2 (124.05) - 22R Arrivals
    • Departure (134.30) - All Aircraft
  • Aircraft flying out should contact ramp control to listen to ATIS and request pushback. Please only request pushback at your assigned time.

  • Once pushed back, aircraft should contact the correct ground frequency to request taxi.

  • Per standard practice, please only switch to the relevant tower frequency when first in line for takeoff.

  • For arriving aircraft, please follow the below procedures:

    • Contact the appropriate frequency for taxi clearance to parking
    • Monitor the appropriate ramp frequency for instructions from the ramp controller when you enter the ramp.

If you have any questions, please DM @IFVARB and @JoshFly8.

As always, I will be available on the day of the event from 1500z onwards for urgent inquiries. See you there!


All outstanding spectator stand requests have been processed. If you have not received a stand assignment, please let me know. Thanks!

Alex_Lopresti requesting a gate assignment

Some Final Notes…

Information courtesy of @JoshFly8 and @MDoor

  • All pilots should follow the assigned callsigns by utilizing “VA” + “Company Number” on their callsigns to facilitate tracking by IFATC. IFATC has access to this Google Sheet and may deny pushback requests if the callsigns do not follow the proper format.
  • While there are updated ground charts available, please use the ones on the first post of the thread to prevent confusion. (Thanks @MDoor for the heads-up!)

  • Please contact the appropriate ramp controller when entering the ramp to enable tracking.

  • We have been pushing a couple of corrections to the assignments, please check the website and/or the Google Sheet for changes as your stand assignments have been changed.

  • Just in case it wasn’t clear, I will be available from ~1500z onwards for any urgent queries. Please do not panic if I do not respond immediately, I may be pulled away for small stretches until 1700z.


Very impressed with the organization and communication around this event! 😊

I have two questions please.

Now I don’t know much about Virtual Airlines, but what I do know is that most of them focus on flying real-world routes. With Detroit being the destination airport today, what if your VA wants to participate but they don’t have Detroit as their destination…🤔

For those people here on IF who don’t belong to a VA, can we participate and, if so, how?

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If you want a spectator fly in spot you need to dm
@IFVARB and @JoshFly8. Not sure how it works when a VA wants slots but I do know they get allocated ones and can’t pick which ones they want (I think).

NSV just departed heading to KDTW. See you all there :-)

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Well organized event 👌 Not part of a VA but got a slot, thanks! Flying in some cargo from Chicago.

Alright, slots are finalized! We are no longer accepting changes at this time. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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Last minute note

  • for those assigned a stand with a “D” prefix, they will be handled by Ramp Control #2 and Ground #2 during the event. Thanks!
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IFATC need a lot of frequencies to split the workload. I would like to see you single handedly control all of these aircraft. I’d like to see how you do.

This is not the event’s fault. 19.4 brought some gate issues and it’s the app, not the event.
Please, have some consideration. It probably took hours to plan for this event so have some respect for the people who helped.

We assigned the stand codes weeks ago, we reminded pilots repeatedly to plan for the stand you’ve been assigned. We cannot be responsible for pilot’s failure to plan accordingly. In addition, we provided instructions on how to use the frequencies, we cannot help people who have not read the instructions.