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The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board

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The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.

The IFVARB is intended to make VAs more professional, organized, and in line with the guidelines and standards of the community. In addition, the IFVARB helps clear up some of the clutter on the forum that certain members find inconvenient and irritating while also making the presence of Virtual Airlines clearer and more beneficial.

Our main goal is to benefit new and existing VAs that add value to the community by creating a professional, organised, and pleasant atmosphere for like-minded individuals to thrive and grow within.


Resources Description
VA / VO Database We invite you to check out our ever-expanding VA/VO family in our database section. Browse through over 90 VAs and VOs, explore what they offer, and give them a try!
Staff Recruitment Our staff recruitment section offers VAs and VOs a useful recruitment tool to announce staff position openings and accept applications. Our staff recruitment tool provides additional tools to our CEOs, so they can utilize an efficient resource to improve their operations and services.
Guidance & Walkthrough Video Tutorials, guidance, and our FAQ can be found on our website; all resources useful for future CEOs. We have also created a walkthrough video for those who are interested in starting their own VA/VO.
Staff Database The public database of VA/VO staff members has been released! You can now check out all staff members, their join/leave dates, and their cool down status with ease.


IFVARB is made up of a team of volunteers, all of whom bring different qualities to the table. They are dedicated and passionate about improving the VA community and making it a place for individuals and organizations to thrive.

All members of the IFVARB have been specially chosen for their maturity, expertise, and experience involving VAs and the Infinite Flight Community. Membership on the Board is on an invitation-only basis. Please do not DM members about joining the Board.

IFVARB Team Members Updated

IFVARB Supervising Moderators

Our dear IFC Moderators oversee IFVARB operations and help us out with IFC-related matters.

IFVARB Administrators

Admin Role
@Baba Administrator
@Jason_M Administrator
@Jon_H Administrator

IFVARB Leaders & Board Members

Leader @Stan7
Leader @Chris_Perez
Leader @DJSunfire
Event Leader @Benrdutch
Reviewer @AdamMarcOyston
Reviewer @Adrian_K
Reviewer @Aiden_Forusz
Reviewer @Teized
Reviewer @beanboi
Reviewer @chazdawg8819
Reviewer @Cooper
Reviewer @DanG387
Reviewer @Elliot_003
Reviewer @FireCracker
Reviewer @FLIGHT_G_YT
Reviewer @Flightistic
Reviewer @GoFly
Reviewer @Gonzo
Reviewer @Joel_Albert
Reviewer @XY_MAGIC
Reviewer @Magician
Reviewer @Marquatzi
Reviewer @MDoor
Reviewer @Moose0308
Reviewer @Raeyn
Reviewer @RickG
Reviewer @YT_Sniegutizzz
Advisor @Danman
Advisor @Brandon_K
Advisor @mwe2187
Advisor @Yacht
Advisor @Thomas_G
Advisor @Oliver_P
Advisor @Delta319
Advisor @tunamkol

Role Explanations

Supervising Staff Infinite Flight LLC liaison and arbiter in all disciplinary matters. Infinite Flight staff have the ability to override any and all decisions at their discretion. Staff hold the final say in arbitration.
Supervising Moderators The community moderators that oversee all of the operations within IFVARB.
Administrators The managers of IFVARB, frontline personnel, and point of contact for dealing with VA matters.
Leaders They are the main point of contact for CEOs while being reviewed and manage the current airlines being reviewed.
Reviewers The people who make the IFVARB tick with their hard work in developing, and certifying VAs. They are responsible for submitting reviews for certifying airlines.


The Frequently Asked Questions section on our website answers the most common questions we receive from the Community. We answered questions on the application process, codeshare, fleet, and more.

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ section, please do not hesitate to PM us @ifvarb.

Visit our FAQ section here →

Thread Changelog


Date Change Details
2023/11/16 Staffing Change Updated Leader List, @tunamkol stepped down
2023/09/24 Staffing Change Updated Reviewer List / Leader List, @DJSunfire joined the Leader Team!
2023/08/05 Staffing Change Updated Board List / Admin List, @Jason_M & @Baba joined the Admin Team!


Date Change Details
2022/10/26 Staffing Change Updated Board List / Admin Roles
2022/06/16 Staffing Change New Board Members - Welcome all!
2022/06/16 Staffing Change @Yacht stepped down as Admin, resuming as Board Member
2022/06/16 Staffing Change @Brandon_K stepped down
2022/04/29 Staffing Change New Leader - Welcome @Baba and @Oliver_P!
2022/04/20 Staffing Change New Admin - Welcome, @Yacht!
2022/01/13 Staffing Change New Leader - Welcome @Jason_M! / New Board Members - Welcome all!


Date Change Details
2021/09/10 Staffing Change New Admin - Welcome, @Thomas_G!
2021/07/14 Staffing Change @mwe2187 stepped down, resuming as Board Member
2021/04/19 Added New Board Members - Welcome all!
2021/03/26 Added New Leader - Welcome, @Yacht!
2021/03/14 Added New Admin - Welcome, @Jon_H!

2018, 2019 & 2020

Date Change Details
2020/01/11 Updated Staff List
2019/04/28 IFVARB Refresh Application Process, Database, Policies, User Watchlist, and Reservation List can now be found at
2019/02/19 Updated Staff List, Policy Creation and Alteration Process Change from Blacklist to Watchlist
2019/01/16 Updated Slack policy.
2018/12/21 Updated Staff list and Attached Threads.
2018/08/18 Added Reservations List
2018/07/27 Updated Staff List
2018/07/14 Updated Staff List with new roles
2018/05/13 Refined Wording and Revised Application Requirements
2018/02/13 Updated Mission Statement Requirements
2018/02/12 Added New Members - Welcome!
2018/01/26 Updated Staff Positions to reflect staffing changes. Wording refined in some sections.

The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Infinite Flight LLC.

© 2023 Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board



» Updated Home Page

We have updated our home page with some awesome data to share with you!

Visit our updated home page here →

» New Activity Check-In Procedure

Replacing our old, manual activity check procedures, we have implemented a new activity check-in procedure that requires every active VA and VO to check in and provide some statistics every 60 days to showcase their activity. This new procedure will allow for a more efficient system to make sure VA/VO reservations are actively utilized as well as provide some awesome data to share with the IF Community.

Visit our new activity page here →

» New Database Filters: Min. Age and Grade Requirement

It is now possible to filter our VA/VO database by minimum age and grade requirements. (This feature relies on accurate VA/VO reporting.)

Visit our updated database page here →



IFVARB launches the IFVARB Tech Team

The support of the IFC community and the vision of being a CEO/Staff for a prospective airline or organization is one of the most important parts of the IFVARB.

Over the last few years, we have tried to streamline our certification process, helping guide CEO’s, as well as providing long-term support for those that complete the process, and wonder what is next.

In an effort to continue to provide that support, we have launched the IFVARB Tech Team. This team will help provide support for creating websites, graphics, crew centers, and more!

To visit the information page and obtain help from our team, please visit our IFVARB Tech Team page here →

Meet the Team

We are looking forward to our inaugural crew of @JarrettFlies, @KaiM, @Saharsh, @Jason_M, and @CaptainZac!

We selected these individuals based on their prior work within the IFVARB community as both board members and staff at VA/VO’s, as well as their support of various platforms for our community.

Some services are “by pay” services, while some services may be available at little to no cost. Information about their services and what each provides is available via the Tech Team website.

How can I join the tech team?

The IFVARB will look to expand this team in the future, and will take applications to be a part of the crew. For members interested, please contact us by IFC PM to @IFVARB. Please include your previous experience, knowledge of your various areas, and examples of works completed. Members do not have to be a IFVARB Member to join, but must show expertise in areas that can help on the tech side of our community.


» @mwe2187 Steps Down as Admin

We’re sad to announce the departure of dear @mwe2187 from the IFVARB Admin Team as of July 12, 2021.

@mwe2187 had served as a Board Member and then as a Leader before stepping up to become a spectacular IFVARB Admin. In over two years, he has contributed to several improvements in policy and resource that helped further the Infinite Flight VA/VO community. Before his departure, @mwe2187 headed the creation of the IFVARB Tech Team (announcement post | webpage) as well as planned (along with the amazing IFVARB Event Team, of course,) curated, and coordinated the highly successful IFVARB 2021 Summit this past weekend. MWE will continue his contributions to the VA/VO community as a Board Member as well as a staff member, once again, at DLVA.

The entire IFVARB team of Admins, Leaders, and Board Members wish MWE the best of luck in his future endeavours and look forward to working with him in his new roles.

And with that, we leave the last word to MWE and relay his message to the Community:

It has been a pleasure serving this community for nearly two years as an admin with the IFVARB. I had originally joined to be a person to provide assistance to the VA/VO community and offer my two cents from my team with working with VA staff. However, little did I know that I would learn so much from those around me. From leadership, to friendship, to the technical stuff, to patience, I have been lucky to learn so much while in this position.

It was a pleasure working along side the other Admins of the IFVARB. Brandon, Danman, and Jon are tremendous people to work with, as well as the previous Admins before them. They have really been a light in this community to show what the VA/VO community can do and how important it is that Infinite Flight continue to support them.

The 6th Summit ended up being the “bon voyage” for me as an Admin, but it will definitely not be the last impact I hope to have with the IFC. I hope to continue to grow with all of you as I continue as a Board Member to help future VA’s, continue as a Supervisor with the IFATC, as well as return to be VA staff and continue to grow Delta Virtual going forward.

Thank you all for being a part of the journey, it is definitely not a goodbye!


» VA/VO Activity & Highlights Published

In case you missed it:


» @Thomas_G Promoted to IFVARB Admin

Please join us in congratulating @Thomas_G on his well-deserved promotion and welcoming him to the IFVARB Admin Team! We’re very excited to have him aboard in this new capacity.

Thomas has briefly served as an IFVARB Board Member and has been serving as a Leader since early 2019. Also as an active regular member of the IFC, Thomas has been helping the VA community and the IF community-at-large for quite a while. In fact, Thomas is only a few applications away from overseeing a total of 100 VA/VO applications! We are certain that he will be a perfect fit to the team and continue to further serve and contribute to our communities in his new role as Admin.

We look forward to what Thomas will bring to the table with his incredible experience and skill set!

» VA/VO Activity & Highlights June & July 2021 Published

In case you missed it:


It has been a minute since our last update. Although things have been in motion in the IFVARB, we’re only now getting the chance to fill the IFC in on a few things.

» @Brandon_K and @Yacht Leaving IFVARB Admin Team

Brandon has been around forever and contributed significantly to our community, especially in the VA/VO world. He’s now on to bigger projects in life and will be sorely missed on the team. We truly appreciate everything he has done and are happy to see him grow and move on. We will try to fill the gigantic shoes he left behind.

Some of you may ask: “When did @Yacht become an Admin?!” Yes, our dear Yacht had joined the Admin Team a couple of months ago and we had big plans together. Unfortunately, as unexpected personal matters will be taking up more of his time, Yacht has decided to step down from his role as IFVARB Admin and continue his work, when he can, as an IFVARB Member (a.k.a., Board Member). In his short tenure as Admin, Yacht still managed to contribute a lot to the team and, on top of all his work as a Board Member and Leader, we thank him for everything he has done.

» New Board Members Selected

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you who have applied to serve on the Board. We have received 49 applications from stellar members of our community (application announcement here). More important than the number of applications received, the quality of applicants is a true testament to how amazing a community we have here.

The selection process took longer than expected due to a number of reasons, but more importantly, it’s nearly impossible to make these selections when you wish to recruit all applicants to the team.

Without further ado, please join us in congratulating our new Board Members below. (The list is in no particular order; IFC usernames only.)