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The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board

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The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.

The IFVARB is intended to make VAs more professional, organized, and in line with the guidelines and standards of the community. In addition, the IFVARB helps clear up some of the clutter on the forum that certain members find inconvenient and irritating while also making the presence of Virtual Airlines clearer and more beneficial.

Our main goal is to benefit new and existing VAs that add value to the community by creating a professional, organised, and pleasant atmosphere for like-minded individuals to thrive and grow within.

Resources Description
VA / VO Database We invite you to check out our ever-expanding VA/VO family in our database section. Browse through over 90 VAs and VOs, explore what they offer, and give them a try!
Staff Recruitment Our staff recruitment section offers VAs and VOs a useful recruitment tool to announce staff position openings and accept applications. Our staff recruitment tool provides additional tools to our CEOs, so they can utilize an efficient resource to improve their operations and services.
Guidance & Walkthrough Video Tutorials, guidance, and our FAQ can be found on our website; all resources useful for future CEOs. We have also created a walkthrough video for those who are interested in starting their own VA/VO.

IFVARB is made up of a team of volunteers, all of whom bring different qualities to the table. They are dedicated and passionate about improving the VA community and making it a place for individuals and organizations to thrive.

All members of the IFVARB have been specially chosen for their maturity, expertise, and experience involving VAs and the Infinite Flight Community. Membership on the Board is on an invitation-only basis. Please do not DM members about joining the Board.

IFVARB Team Members Updated

IFVARB Supervising Staff

IFVARB Supervising Moderators

@Chris_S Community / IFVARB Moderator
@DeerCrusher Community / IFVARB Moderator
@Marc Community / IFVARB Moderator
@JoshFly8 Community / IFVARB Moderator

IFVARB Administrators

Admin Assigned Region
@Danman Asia / Oceanic / Virtual Organizations
@mwe2187 Europe / Africa
@Jon_H North & South America
@Brandon_K Development

IFVARB Leaders & Board Members

Leader @Thomas_G
Leader @Delta319
Leader @Yacht
Member @Aceorbit
Member @Jens_Severin
Member @Darius_Glover
Member @Navy315
Member @texasaviation
Member @harmondrew465
Member @MDoor
Member @Scott.Cooper
Member @Tajay
Member @Balloonchaser
Member @KaiM
Member @Matt
Member @Z-Tube
Member @JarrettFlies
Member @Suhas
Member @Saharsh
Member @Jeno_Farkas
Member @Plane-Train-TV
Member @JMilam
Member @ThomasThePro

Role Explanations

Supervising Staff Infinite Flight LLC liaison and arbiter in all disciplinary matters. Infinite Flight staff have the ability to override any and all decisions at their discretion. Staff hold the final say in arbitration.
Supervising Moderators The community moderators that oversee all of the operations within IFVARB.
Administrators The managers of IFVARB, frontline personnel, and point of contact for dealing with VA matters.
Leaders They are the main point of contact for CEOs while being reviewed and manage the current airlines being reviewed.
Board Members The people who make the IFVARB tick with their hard work in developing, and certifying VAs. They are responsible for submitting reviews for certifying airlines.

The Frequently Asked Questions section on our website answers the most common questions we receive from the Community. We answered questions on the application process, codeshare, fleet, and more.

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ section, please do not hesitate to PM us @ifvarb.

Visit our FAQ section here →

Thread Changelog


Date Change Details
2021/04/19 Added New Board Members - Welcome all!
2021/03/26 Added New Leader - Welcome, @Yacht!
2021/03/14 Added New Admin - Welcome, @Jon_H!

2018, 2019 & 2020

Date Change Details
2020/01/11 Updated Staff List
2019/04/28 IFVARB Refresh Application Process, Database, Policies, User Watchlist, and Reservation List can now be found at
2019/02/19 Updated Staff List, Policy Creation and Alteration Process Change from Blacklist to Watchlist
2019/01/16 Updated Slack policy.
2018/12/21 Updated Staff list and Attached Threads.
2018/08/18 Added Reservations List
2018/07/27 Updated Staff List
2018/07/14 Updated Staff List with new roles
2018/05/13 Refined Wording and Revised Application Requirements
2018/02/13 Updated Mission Statement Requirements
2018/02/12 Added New Members - Welcome!
2018/01/26 Updated Staff Positions to reflect staffing changes. Wording refined in some sections.

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