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The Application Process

Stage 0- Prerequisites image

The following are the requirements needed to be a VA CEO. We consider the CEO to be the overall leader of a VA, and they should be the person who applies. Please do not apply if you don’t meet these requirements; they are in place for a reason and we cannot make exceptions in the interests of consistancy and fairness.

  • Member trust level (TL2) forum account. This must be the CEO’s own account. VA specific accounts can only be made once your VA is certified.

  • Knowledge and experience of the VA community- We expect applicants to understand how the IFC VA community works and ideally know people who are a part of it. ‘Experience’ is a loose term; experience in a staff team for a VA is ideal but being part of a VA as a pilot or other member may be enough to qualify you. We will also consider applicants who may not have been apart of a VA specifically but have a good forum presence and/or have been active on the forum for a long time. We will consider each applicant using their experience statement.

  • A Good level of maturity- We will assess this from your conduct when messaging IFVARB admins and staff, your general conduct on the forum, and in some cases will consult the moderation team for advice. There is no age limit, however we can reject applicants based on their maturity alone.

Stage 1- Contacting an IFVARB Admin image

  • Choose a VA- You should claim a VA you are passionate and knowledgeable about, or for an original VA have good and original ideas for. IFVARB admins will not provide lists of unclaimed VAs- this is also a bad sign for an admin as it shows a lack of commitment or passion. Check the Database as a first check if your chosed VA has already been claimed.

  • Contact an admin- IFVARB divides the world into 3 areas of responsibility of which each admin is responsible for 1 each:

@BluePanda900 @IceBlue @Danman
North, Central and South American VAs European and African VAs Asian, Oceanian and Fictional VAs

  • Confirm the VA is unclaimed- In your PM please state which VA you want to claim. Please allow 48 hours for a response; we can be very busy. If your message goes unresponded please ‘bump’ the message by replying to it with a polite reminder. The admin should reply back confirming whether the VA is claimed or not and that you are eligible to claim it.

  • Prepare the necessary documents- We require CEOs to complete 2 documents. These should be presented as shared Google Docs links- we cannot provide emails. If you have difficulty in presenting your documents in this format, please advise your admin who should be able to help.

The Experience Statement image

The Experience Statement allows us to get a bigger picture of you as a potential CEO. It contains 4 questions:

  1. Why do you want to start a VA/VO?
  2. What do you hope to get from starting a VA/VO?
  3. Why are you a good candidate for running a VA/VO?
  4. What previous experience have you had with VA/VO, and what position and responsibilities have you had during that time?

Be honest and specific. There isn’t really a wrong answer to any of these questions, however more interesting and detailed responses are more likely to impress the staff groups, making them more likely to want to work with you. Your experience statement must be in Google Docs format with a viewable link provided to the admin. This is to enable the IFVARB staff to view your statement when necessary.

The Operations Plan (formally the Mission Statement) image

The Operations Plan provides the IFVARB staff groups with information about your potential VA. There is no requirement for a website, but you should include your branding, ideas and plans. Again, more detailed and interesting plans are likely to attract the member groups, so put in effort now- it could mean you are certified quicker in the long run.

To create your operations plan, click here and make a copy of the document. You should be able to edit it after this is done. Make sure that link sharing is on before you send it to your administrator.

Once these have been accepted by your admin, you are now ready for the next stage.

Stage 2- Working with member groups image

The IFVARB have 3 teams of 5 members where their role is to work with potential CEOs to prepare their VAs for certification. They have the power to accept or reject VAs- there is no longer a grading process as this is now a cooperative process.

  • Wait- Your forum name, personal statement and operations plan will be put on our internal database. Every month, each group will look at this database and decide from the quality of the operations plans and mission statements which potential CEO they want to work with. This is not first come first served (the group picks from any of the potential VAs on the database at the time) and there is no guarantee a group will work with you at all. This is the importance of preparing a good operations plan and personal statement. You can remain on the database for up to 90 days. If no group has picked up your application after the 90 day deadline, you will then be removed and not allowed to reapply for 45 days.

  • Wait, I have to wait up to 3 months?- Many of the complaints we have had in the past were that the category was overwhelmed by low quality VAs which close after a month or so. By restricting the flow of VAs to theoretically 3 a month and hand picking higher quality applications, as well as working much closer with potential CEOs during the application process, we hopefully intend to raise the standard of new VAs. We will review this process as time goes on, but as it stands it will mean a considerable time waiting. In the meantime you can remain in current VA staff roles, and use the time to develop a high quality website.

  • If your VA is selected by one of our groups, you will be contacted- You should then work with the group who will give you advice and direction on developing your website and other parts of your VA. Please be cooperative and open minded with them- they are here to help and you have already passed the hard part by being selected in the first place.

  • Once the group are happy with your VA, you can then be certified- You will work with the group for up to a month, and if by the end of the month they are happy, you will then gain VA certification and begin operations. If, for whatever reason the group are not happy by the end of the month, your VA will be rejected and you will have to wait 45 days before you can reenter the process from the start.

Stage 3- Post Certification image

Once you have been certified, there are a few more things you need to cover:

  • Make your thread- This is fairly obvious, but you are allowed to make a thread in #live:va (for any reason) once you are certified. One thread per VA. The group you worked with or your original admin will be happy to proofread a draft of your thread for you, if you wish.

  • Get on the database- Message @BluePanda900 with your picture, ‘Why Join’ paragraph and main hub if you have one, so he can ensure you are on the database at the next set of changes.

  • Join the IFVARB Slack- This is a requirement for all CEOs. We use Slack to relay important info and as an easy way of contact between board members and VAs. Please give an email to any admin, who will add you in.

Please direct all feedback, questions or comments to the feedback and questions thread.



I like the new update, this will really make the VA community more professional!

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Great new help page to aid in the creation of VAs and VOs. I like it!


Really well written manual! Nice job guys!

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Don’t mean to be that guy, but maybe add to this…

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Very nice thread! Great job gentlemen!

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Amazing thread lads. Very detailed, and professional in my humble opinion. Good work lads.

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Need a lot of free time to deal with this stuff … i thought the the new regulation would be more efficient and convenient but it seems to be the opposite

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How to contact IceBlue?
I really dont know how to send messages?

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@IceBlue how to contact you?
I have all ready!

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You have to be a TL2= Member in order to contact an IFVARB member and start the application process of your Virtual Airline or Organization.


And how i become a TL2?

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By viewing and liking posts, and also posting productive content will get you there.


Becoming TL2 takes time and activeness, its definitely not going to come overnight. But keep liking, posting, getting likes, amd you should be there in no time.


awesome will just need to increase my trust level, very active on facebook and in game just need to change that to the forum

I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally don’t see a reason for this thread to be open. This is an information thread and not one where the IFVARB has asked for your opinions. If you have any feedback and/or questions, please tell the IFVARB on their ‘Feedback and Questions’ thread, not here.

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I have everything done but my trust level, I am so close.

Same no trust. Level.