The IFVARB Anniversary VA Summit @ KJFK - 112000ZNOV17

Date: Nov. 11/12

Time: 20:00 UTC (7:00 AEDT, 20:00 GMT, 15:00 EST)

Location: KJFK

Server: Expert [Global]

Welcome to the VARB Summit! The Board has decided to hold a celebration for their one year anniversary, and we felt that this summit was the perfect way to do it. In the event, we hope to unify the VA Community as well as just allow for a fun time. The JFK airport has been selected due to its usual wide airline diversity in real life.

VA pilots should come in their VA’s livery and callsign for this event, so we are able to differentiate between VA pilots in similar liveries. Pilots that are not a part of any VAs are invited to come in their favorite liveries. These pilots should not use callsigns similar to any VA callsigns.

Obviously, VA attendance is not mandatory, but we hope to see a large number attend the event. To sign up, VA Representatives can PM @BluePanda900 with their VA, aircraft and number of pilots attending. All registration must be done on November 11 at 0000Z.

When VAs are confirmed, the VARB Member that they contacted will assign them gates at the airport where which to spawn. These gates may not be realistic due to the sheer number of VAs, as well as those that do not have real world gates at JFK.

Once everyone spawns, we will wait five minutes for photos at the beginning before having a staggered pushback and taxi. Those who go first in taxiing will be determined based on when they signed up for the event (meaning VAs who sign up early will taxi before those who sign up afterward in general) and VA numbers (we will try not to have large VAs taxi at the same time so as to not clog the airport).

In the event, we expect pilots to act to the highest standard. This does not mean memorizing the VR Speed for your aircraft, rather following basic procedures (e.g. not taxiing through grass, taking off while somebody else is, etc.). We will have some moderators there who will ghost those not following basic expert server requirements. We will also try and get IFATC service there, though there are no guarantees, so we urge pilots to review unicom procedures.

VAs That Will Be Attending

British Airways Virtual
Coast Guard Virtual
Delta Virtual
Qantas Virtual
Secret VA
South African
Swiss Virtual

VA Gate Assignments

AF-KLM: Terminal 5 Gates 1-12, H21-H25
Alitalia: JAL Cargo 1-3
British Airways Virtual: Terminal 7 All Gates, Terminal 5 H26-H28
Coast Guard Virtual: Delta Hangars 1-7
Delta Virtual: Terminal 4 Gates A2-A7, B20-B26, 80-82, 61-63, 78, 79
GAVA: Terminal 1 Gates 1-4
IFATS: Terminal 4 Gates B36 and B38, American Airlines Hangar Ramps 1-7
Qantas Virtual: Terminal 4 Gates B27-B34
Secret VA: Terminal 4 Gates B37, B39, B41
South African:Terminal 4 Gates 98-100
Spectators: Evergreen Cargo Ramps 1-4
SWA: Terminal 5 Gates 15 - 26
Swiss Virtual: Terminal 8 Gates 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45
TUI: Terminal 1 Gates 5-8

We hope to see you and your VA there!


Our first VA attendee is British Airways!


We would like to take part and do some long-hauls out of beautiful New York!


We’re happy to be apart of this event. I look forward to seeing more VA’s attending, this promises to be a great event :)


Great! Pm me with the number of pilots that will be attending and the aircraft that you will be using.

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Updated with two new VAs.

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Two new VAs coming along, @CaptJackson’s SWA and USCG by @Charles_Fosbroke

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I’ll see what my staff think. FVA has no routes through JFK but we might be able to make an exception.

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You will be operating charter flights. Just say that. 😉


Yeah… Just pretend that you were bringing the World Series Champs home for the Heros Parade :)

Pretend as the Yanks lost :(


Haha I’ll say we are taking sports teams on a charter flight. Not sure why a team would charter a LCC as amazing as F9 is instead of say AAL or UAL but I don’t make the rules.


The Bronco’s play the Patriots on the 12th, but Boston couldn’t fit you in.

Excuse = Sorted.


We have another one! Welcome Qantas!

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International Cargo Group will be there. Represting our Va.

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Thanks Sir, we are really happy to be onboard! We congratulate IFVARB and wish them all the best!

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A reminder that the event registration closes on Friday/Saturday!


Hey guys! We are running short on heavy gates. We only have 2 left! In addition, if any VA has asked me for gates and I have not gotten back to them yet, please pm me.


Air France - KLM Virtual has filled all our 17 gates! Excited to be there with the rest of the VA world!

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Would come, but my phone is getting its screen replaced Saturday, and I can’t make it :( was really looking forward to it

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