The IFVARB Anniversary Summit @ VHHH - 172000ZNOV18


On my way now. No issues.


and here we can see why irl VHHH needs a third runway :D


Was running smoothly and then my app decided to be weird and only let me see the south side


something tells me this event will be the next set of loading images


Non-VA Guests!

You’re now welcome to spawn at any unoccupied stand on the North Side of the airport. Please refrain from requesting pushback until 22:00z to prevent congestion.


Photos I got


waiting in line north side here :)


Nice have a great flight


you too :)


I’m currently just north of you heading to FAOR via Bangkok.


The madness South African Virtual Airways managed to leave behind.

Well on our way to FAOR. Expected flight time is 13:30m #FlightOf4


ACVA on its way to Vancouver, 11:30m expected.


Have a safe flight. And please post your pics. I’m keen to see who attended!


Are we allowed to spawn into Hong Kong now?


Yes, feel free!


Wrap-up Post 2300z

As I watch the last couple of guests fly out on LiveFlight, I reflected on how amazing it is to see such an enthusiastic turnout for the summit. With an event as ambitious as this, there were so many people behind the scenes that I would like to thank for helping this event go off without a hitch.

  • @JoshFly8 and the entire IFATC team for putting up with my neurotic questions and providing their usual world-class ATC service to move everyone around in a safe and orderly manner.
  • @DeerCrusher for being our guardian angel.
  • The IFVARB team for assisting with planning and registration, this summit would not be possible without your help.
  • The general community for their enthusiasm about the event and their attendance. It’s always exciting to showcase the VA’s we have to offer to the wider community.

We have gained a lot of knowledge about optimizing these types of events in the future and we’re so excited to show you what we already have planned for our next summit!

As always, thank you for attending and we hope you enjoyed this summit. If you have any pictures from the event, please feel free to attach them in the thread below.

See you next time,
On behalf of the IFVARB Team.

VHHH Ghostings (Important)

As the leader of today’s flypast, I’d like to thank everyone who participated. They are:

DNMX2 : @WaldoYLP
DNMX3 : @Scott_Ellis_Paddon
DNMX4 : @Nate_Schneller
DNMX5 : @Finley_Baverstock
DNMX6 : @Lucas_Brien
DNMX7 : @MaksimFerguson
DNMX8 : @Captain-Cade

I would also like to thank everyone at the IFVARB for organising the event and allowing us to perform the flypast. Finally I would like to thank IFATC for their work in minimising the chaos.


Was an honor to take part in kicking this whole thing off. Thanks for the ride 👍🏻


I probably won’t see an airport this busy in IF anytime soon


Hey that’s mee!! Southern Air lining up, thanks for the photos, I saw that other Cathay guy trying to get up there before me lol.