The IFVARB Anniversary Summit @ VHHH - 172000ZNOV18


Yeah it’s having trouble loading the map I noticed (the game is)


Are you sure that you are on ES?


You do realize that it would take an incredible amount of processing power (which your ipad doesn’t have) to load the 200 planes here at high quality?


found you you’re. at 13200ft and climbing heading to Toronto


There isn’t a device I can think of that can run IF that could do that other than a developer build on PC


Yes. I can see Ewan who parked on the ground ☺


Luckily we have Laura here who will probably post a screenshot :)


Think I saw you while you took off. I had just landed from New York, you were second in line to takeoff I believe


Have fun at the summit everyone :)
~ United 116


im probably gonna do a short hop later to Shenzhen )


Be sure to watch on if you aren’t attending in person! This event already looks spectacular there and it’s only just begun


Sorry. This one…


it’s going to break my phone. sooner or later :) theres so many people


Not our best, we had crosswind which absolutely destroys the physics of the F-22 on takeoff

Edit: You could see that DNMX9 guy wipe out at the end 😂


Found the guy, who probably spawned not on his gate.
Location: Eastern gates, between BAVA ans SVA pilots.
Callsign: Shuttle 320
Aircraft B737-800, Ryanair livery.


Just took off. Representing Tailwinds Flying Club 😎


Boy do I LOVE liveflight


Be sure to check out the status board for the summit!


you were parked opposite me :)


That’s called a computer ;)