The IFVARB Anniversary Summit @ VHHH - 172000ZNOV18


What does it mean if your name is in green ??


That mean that pilot is Grade 4.
Pink is Grade 5.


I know that, im not that stupid and i have been here long enough to know 😂 I mean on the departure sheet


Excuse moi…Grade 5 is Gold…not pink… unless you are wearing rose colored glasses !!!


@Danman What the filled in green in the spreadsheet for?


That’s just planning notes for myself. Sorry for the confusion. Anything that is not yellow is irrelevant for pilots.


NonStop Virtual is so lucky that we could sign up for this event!

Huge thanks to @Danman for his flexibility and cooperation! Can’t wait to see our NSV members soaring the skies!


The IFVARB Anniversary Summit - Quick Reference Guide for Pilots

Welcome to the IFVARB Anniversary Summit! Since this is a highly choreographed event, please read this guide carefully to ensure safety in all operating phases.

Ground Procedures

Important - If your VA is highlighted in YELLOW in the departure plan, please spawn after 20:35Z to ensure that your stand is clear. Once again, if there is a discrepancy between the gate assignments and departure plan, the departure plan should be considered correct.

Primary Reference Documents: Departure Plan | Parking Chart | Taxiway Chart


  • If there is a discrepancy between the departure plan and gate assignments, the departure plan should be considered correct .

  • To ease controller workload, please yield to traffic approaching from the right at an intersection to prevent collisions.

  • To ease congestion and maximize throughput, please reduce runway dwell times by taking off in an expeditious manner.

  • For aircraft departing on the North Runway parked in stands with a “W”, “N”, or “D” prefix, please use Taxiway A when approaching 7L to allow for aircraft parked in “M”, “X”, and “L” stands to line up on Taxiway B. Please keep A1 and A2 clear to enable access for aircraft on both A and B.

  • For aircraft departing on the South Runway, please prioritize J to keep H clear for aircraft coming out of M stands. Use J2 to access the runway if you’re on J and J1 if you’re on H.

  • Please keep all taxiway intersections clear to prevent traffic build-up.

  • Please obey push times to the best of your ability and clear the apron as quickly as possible to maximize throughout.

In-Air Procedures

Reference Documents (Credit @JoshFly8) : NOTAM | SIDs
SID Images
Roaring Mountain

6FC29207-ADC3-4001-97D7-59CBFF9E0090.jpg2224x1668 354 KB


BFC6F2E1-6120-4AB3-8326-91DF38ADF1F0.jpg2224x1668 304 KB

Please follow all controller directions to ensure the summit goes smoothly.


Stands for spectators are available on a first-come-first-served basis. There are 12 stands available.

  • Please only use those stands as all other stands are reserved for VA delegates.
  • Please follow all ground and in-air procedures and refrain from pushing back prior to 22:05z if you’re north of 07R and 22:20z if you’re to the south of 07R to prevent congestion.
  • VA participants will be given priority.
  • If you’re paking in a Code C stand, Please prioritize the North Runway (07L) to optimize operations.

Stands for Spectators are as follows, please ensure your aircraft selection is within the specified ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code Restrictions:

Code C Stands:
Code B Stands
GA Business 12-14

If there are any questions, feel free to send us a DM. I’ll be available from 1730z onwards.

Have a good summit!

On behalf of the team.


The Flypast

Team DynamX will be performing a flypast at VHHH to start the event.
Expect to see eight aircraft flying overhead at 1954Z.

After the flypast, some aircraft may fly to Shenzhen (ZGSZ), whilst others will continue north to do some formation training.
We will be manoeuvring within a 15NM radius of the Wongyuan VOR not above FL250 for approximately 20 minutes.

See the timetable below for details.

Timetable A

Depart VMMC : 1949
Fix LATOP : 1951
Flypast VHHH : 1954
Shenzhen Bay : 1956

At this point, any aircraft diverting to Shenzhen (ZGSZ) will leave the main formation and fly west following Timetable C. The main formation will climb to 10,000 ft and continue north to Guangzhou (ZGGG) via the Wongyuan Training Area following Timetable B.

Timetable B

VOR GLN (Guanlan) : 1958
Fix PIGAN : 2009
Enter Wongyuan Training Area : 2012
Exit Wongyuan Training Area : 2032
Fix EGANA : 2037
Fix TEPID : 2043
Arrive ZGGG : 2045

Timetable C

VOR SHK (Shekou) : 1957
Arrive ZGSZ : 1959

Our training area is over 100NM north of VHHH, so most northbound departures will be above FL250 by the time they reach our location. Nevertheless, we will be keeping a constant lookout for potential conflicting traffic throughout the flight. We suggest that you do the same.

Finally, we’d love to see any screenshots you take of the flypast. We’re always looking for photos to post on Instagram.


I’m one of DynamX, is it possible for me to participate in the main event in any way after the flypast?


Please spawn into one of the spectator stands. Thanks!


I have a BAVA member gate do I join as a spectator?


At what time does the event end?


23:00Z, please read the topic before posting, thank.


Yeah I know, I just couldn’t find it.


I am just a little confused… Can you join the event [ as I am planning to fly out of VHHH ] if you are not part of a VA ?


I believe sign ups for non-VA users are closed.


If you’re not joining as a part of a VA, please spawn in the spectator stands as outlined in the quick reference guide. These stands are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.


I would be able to fly still though, right ? Because specatator means watches…


Is C = Cargo? @Danman