The IFVARB Anniversary Summit @ VHHH - 172000ZNOV18

Ill be joining to represent BAVA.By that I mean spectating as a member

SAVA will be flying VHHH - FAOR for this event. Feel free to join us on departure

I’m with DynamX

If you’re not with a VA, can you still fly to VHHH?

Only after 21:00 or 23:00, but I am not sure.

Details for spectators will be posted when VA procedures are finalized. VA’s, please continue to hand in usernames.


Is this like a air show or ATC?

It’s an air show to kick things off then a massive flyout sponsored by VAs and IFATC and created by the IFVARB


I would like to join

Do you have to be part of a VA to participate in this event??

Right now some VA’s are still hanging in pilots who will be attending the Summit. After all the VA’s have stopped handing in names, they might open up some gates to the general IFC. Right now there are only spectator gates available I believe @Danman.

Please take a late entry for Qantas Virtual as I will perform a flight to YMML via YBTL in a QantasLink A320 and advise gate assignment. Thank you!

*I will not spawn at gate but arriving VHHH from YBBN at around 171940ZNOV18, taxi to gate, check in with my VA group, refuel, then depart for YMML via YBTL with my guys at assigned time slot.

Please advise me of availability, thank you.

Who are you talking to? Qantas Virtual or Danman?

Whoever is in charge of the event roster

Are you part of Qantas Virtual?

Affirmative. I’m IFQVG-ZooRoo QVC1410

In that case you would need to talk to whoever is liasing with the IFVARB personnel within your VA.

Anyone who wants to get names in for the summit, please PM @Danman (who’s working on gate assignments) or any other of the VARB admins. Thanks!


Is it too late to join? Assuming you dont have any VA affiliations, but still want to participate? :)


Nope! Not to late yet! Just contact @Danman for a gate or spectator gate!