The IFVARB Anniversary Summit @ VHHH - 172000ZNOV18

Anyone who wants to get names in for the summit, please PM @Danman (who’s working on gate assignments) or any other of the VARB admins. Thanks!


Is it too late to join? Assuming you dont have any VA affiliations, but still want to participate? :)


Nope! Not to late yet! Just contact @Danman for a gate or spectator gate!

Too late to join?

Nope! Just do what I just told the other person to do and you should be all good!

FYI, for those interested in spectating, please note that spectator stands are first come, first served and will have last priority for departures. Detailed information for spectators will be included in a detailed post closer to the event date.


See you there all :) !

Very excited to attend and be able to represent SVA at this event!


Can’t wait! This should be a fun event! Gonna try to fly in at around 11:30 so hopefully im not late on my schedule!

What if you are arriving but are not with an VA?

I’m not looking for a gate. I just want to know if I can fly into VHHH during the event.

The event will be extremely busy so I doubt it. But that is Dan’s call. Once again I highly doubt ATC will accept inbound traffic unless you a flying in with a VA group flight

Inbounds will be denied during the peak hour of the event.

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I’m off the event folks don’t have time

The NOTAM states that aircraft between 2100Z and whenever (I forgot) are gonna be held until the event end.

T-3 Days! (Hopefully) Final Update

Hello everyone!

The last couple of days have been quite busy as we’re continuing to lock down reservations as we speak. We’re excited to see so much community interest in the event. To help our community members navigate the summit, we’ll attach some spectator-specific instructions below in addition to last-minute information for VA delegates.

Information for VA/VO’s

Important - If your VA is highlighted in YELLOW in the departure plan, please spawn after 20:35Z to ensure that your stand is clear.

Important - If there is a discrepancy between the gate assignments and departure plan, the departure plan should be considered correct.

Registration has closed for the summit and we’re in the process of finalizing attendance numbers and the final list of attendees. We are expecting a record 211 participants at the summit on Saturday!

With this information in mind, we ask that all delegates follow the ground procedures and expedite all movements to prevent congestions as VHHH has limited ground space, especially in apron areas.

Several VA’s have inquired about moving delegates around within their assigned time slots. While this is acceptable and encouraged to maximize participation, we would like to ask that only delegates and destinations be changed. Please keep pushback times, stands, and flight numbers constant to prevent confusion on the IFATC end and prevent ground congestion.

Information for Spectators

Stands for spectators are available on a first-come-first-served basis. There are 12 stands available. Please only use those stands as all other stands are reserved for VA delegates. Please follow all departure procedures and refrain from pushing back prior to 22:45z to prevent congestion. VA participants will be given priority.

Stands for Spectators are as follows, please ensure your aircraft selection is within the specified ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code Restrictions:

Stands Available

Open stands for the summit are below:
Code C Stands:
Code B Stands
GA Business 12-14

As always, thank you to the IFATC team for committing to provide excellent ATC services and everyone at the IFVARB for pitching in for preparations. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Have a good summit!

On behalf of the team.


Great! I can not wait for the summit to begin.

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Any other spectators can monitor the event from VHXX in a small jet or a prop… over there you will be out of the way of the controllers if you are not an assigned participant !

Hello, is there still anyvspace available?


Hi @Florian_Durre,

Please refer to this post for spectator instructions:

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