The IFVARB Anniversary Summit @ VHHH - 172000ZNOV18

The IFVARB Anniversary Summit 2018

Hey everyone!
This is the official thread for the IFVARB’s anniversary summit. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the event and for those who have registered. We are expecting a summit-record 211 VA participants at the summit! We would like to invite everyone with the first wave to spawn in at 19:50z (10 minutes prior to event start) to gather everyone.

In addition, we’re pleased to announce @Team_DynamX will be conducting a flypast of VHHH 5 minutes prior to the first takeoff to kick off the event!

Without further ado, details of the event are attached below.

Server: Expert

Airport: VHHH

Time: November 17, 2018 8:00 PM

NOTAM (Credit: @JoshFly8):

Ground Procedures

Reference Documents: Departure Plan | Gate Assignments
Planning Documents (Credit: Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department): Parking Chart | Taxiway Chart

Some notes to accompany the ground plans:

  • If there is a discrepancy between the departure plan and gate assignments, the departure plan should be considered correct.

  • To ease controller workload, please yield to traffic approaching from the right at an intersection to prevent collisions.

  • To ease congestion and maximize throughput, please reduce runway dwell times by taking off in an expeditious manner.

  • For aircraft departing on the North Runway parked in stands with a “W”, “N”, or “D” prefix, please use Taxiway A when approaching 7L to allow for aircraft parked in “M”, “X”, and “L” stands to line up on Taxiway B. Please keep A1 and A2 clear to enable access for aircraft on both A and B.

  • For aircraft departing on the South Runway, please prioritize J to keep H clear for aircraft coming out of M stands. Use J2 to access the runway if you’re on J and J1 if you’re on H.

  • Please keep all taxiway intersections clear to prevent traffic build-up.

  • Please obey the push times to the best of your ability and clear the apron as quickly as possible to maximize throughout.

In-Air Procedures (Departures)

Reference Documents (Credit @JoshFly8) : NOTAM | SIDs

SID Images
Roaring Mountain

Please follow all controller directions to ensure the summit goes smoothly.


Once again, as we’re bursting at the seams, please do not push until 22 :45z to give priority to aircraft with assigned stands. Please follow the SIDs as outlined in the “In-Air Procedures” section. 12 stands are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Open stands for the summit are below:
Code C Stands:
Code B Stands
GA Business 12-14

Important - If your VA is highlighted in YELLOW in the departure plan, please spawn after 20:35Z to ensure that your stand is clear. Once again, if there is a discrepancy between the gate assignments and departure plan, the departure plan should be considered correct.

Gate assignments and departure plan are attached below once again:

Please let us know if there are any questions about the procedures, we’re here to resolve any issues you may have. VA owners, please begin to assign pilots if you have not done so already.

@Danman (myself) will be available on the day of the event from 1500z onwards for any urgent “day-of” inquiries from VA representatives. We hope to see everyone on Nov. 17!

On behalf of the team

Credits and Thanks

@ewanfleming - Community engagement coordinator/Documentation Creation
@JoshFly8 - ATC Coordinator/liaision/ATC-side Documentation Lead
@Aquila - Gate Assignment Documentation lead
@BluePanda900 - Thread Creation/Pilot-side experience verification


Isn’t the 17th a Saturday?

Yes, that is correct.

Yes, it is on Saturday, I got mistaken with the calendar.

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It’s alright, we make mistakes.

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So, everyone with Grade 3 or above can join this event, is that correct?

Registration has closed for the event. Interested members can refer to the “spectator” section of the event post to find a place to spectate the event and depart after all VA representatives have departed.

Oh, okay thank.

Great looking event. Proud to have Singapore Virtual attending with a record 17 pilots :)

Thanks to @Danman and his fellow VARB colleagues for organizing!


Cheers @Danman and the VARB.

IAV are looking forward to making their summit debut.

Oh YEAH, let’s go DynamX!

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Use J1 to access the runway if you’re on J and J2 if you’re on H.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? According to the taxiway chart, aircraft on J should use J2 whereas aircraft on H should use J1. If we follow the pre-defined command, then aircraft on J1 and J2 would be in each others way.

Correct, that one’s on me. Oops. XD


Two more questions.

  1. I know all inbound aircraft will be denied entry during the event, but can I adjust my previous flight into VHHH such that I land around 1950Z, 10 minutes before the event begins? Then I can taxi to my actual stand and remain at the gate until pushback time?

  2. The departure slots are very tight. How can ATC and the ground traffic ensure that we will depart at our given time? Meaning usually the departure slot has a start time and end time (in this case only 2 minutes). Will that be practically possible with the amount of ground traffic expected having long taxi times?


There will be a TFR in effect for the duration of the hour. Anything outside is fair game.

Departure slots account for ground taxi times, as each VA has an assigned puhsback slot and estimated time of taxi. In addition, I’ve mandated 60 seconds between each takeoff roll, accounting for a departure a minute.


T - 1 Week Update

We are so excited to host everyone at VHHH for our second-anniversary summit! We would like to take this opportunity to attach some useful reminders:

  • VA CEOs who have yet to hand in usernames for your users to hand in usernames in a Google Sheet ASAP. Positive name match is required to ensure that we maximize utilization. If usernames are not handed in at 0600z on Monday, November 12, your stands will be reassigned to VA’s on standby.
  • If your VA would like to send more pilots, please send us another Google Sheet following the format of the departure plan and we will add you to the waitlist.
  • If your VA doesn’t have names attached, please let us know as we may have missed the usernames in the paperwork, thanks!

If you have any questions, please let us know. We will provide everyone with another update with last-minute updates to procedures as needed.

On behalf of the team.


Indeed! Going strong SVA


I want one gate for FAOR please.

Where would you sign up?