The IFSIM Network

I might join in a bit. Depends on how quick it downloads on my PC. How long will it be active?

Props a long time. There is over 20 pilots on frequency right now :P

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Who’s controlling?

I and @Padi3_14 abd @Benedict_Thompson1 and @Kieran_Lockhart

You guys should make an app! It could notify you when controllers were on, when events were scheduled, news, etc!

Or you can just go on the discord chat.

Good idea. I used to learn app development in school so the only thing holding me back is if there is a cost to put it on the App Store and Play Store.

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How much is it? Maybe you could charge $1.00 for the app to help get the money back and once you get the money back make it free or continue to keep it paid and make money!

For the App Store it’s 100$/yr. Not too much to pay but I’m a bit young… I’m not sure about Play store

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Ouch! At least you’ve got a nice logo and website! Have you gotten my email, yet?

@Kieran_Lockhart made an app in which android users can download the APK file.

So that means we don’t have to pay for android users

I would be interested in joining

IFSIM is now a month old and we have nearly 70 pilots flying on our network.

Do you guys also control Playground? I have already joined one ATC team, but at the moment they only use external website for communication. I rather be a part of team speak service (Slack, Discord).
I’ve already started inviting people to my Slack team (IFATC-PG) and want to make it public, but just came across your network.
I wouldn’t like to tear controllers apart, we don’t need too many teams. If you are into controlling Playground, I won’t be creating another team.

We do not control PG, as we do not want conflict with other controllers, we control with the Free Flight Server ONLY.

Where can we download it?

We haven’t released it yet, as we are currently doing some bug fixes. When it comes out, you must have an Android device or a PC with an emulator like BlueStacks as it will be an APK file

Started a forum :P

What does this include? If I’m understanding is this real word conversations back and forth between ATC and pilots? I’m not entirely sure what VATSIM is I guess lol