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MaxSez: Another “Pirate” bites the dust. It’s not nice to saddle up on a proprietary horse without the owners permission, horse thieves got the rope where I come from!

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What happened that caused it to close down?

The CEO of ifsim quit

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Oh, why? That’s odd.

Remember the topic of IFSIM’s owner real life sim? Well, it was discovered that he had made another account to bash IFSIM and was suspended.

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If someone has screenshots about his explanation could you post them here. Im not trying to protect him but just to everyone to see them. :)

I’m talking about his explanation on Discord, not here.

Anyone know the IFVATC discord link

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It is


@Swordfish yep, I remember that. I didn’t know it was the same person.
@The_Gaming_Guy Why did he do things that got him a bad name?

@Giacomo_Lawrance he said he had a proper flight simulator but he lied about that…now he’s suspended for 1 year off the community

I remember that thread…

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I’m not getting this… I know its bad to lie, and you shouldn’t lie, but suspension for 1 year cause of him lying about having a simulator?

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Yeah…I dunno but he might have done something else but still 1 year…

This is sounding ridiculous, keith helped me create an event once because i was just a basic member. I do not know the story of why this is happening, if he disrepected the agreement he signed to join the community it is one thing.

However lets all stop lingering on this and talk about the man. I believe this community is here so we can share ideas, learn from each other and all together bring our love of aviation in the IF sim world. It is too bad IFSIM cannot continue on.

Moreover, some people here do lie as they do sit behind a computer, however the knowledgeable ones here will be able to prove and discredit these trolls.
Lets all please move on from this. Keith made the decision to leave, lets at least respect that decision and stop talking about it.

Moderators, please do us all a favor and close this thread. Or the other one “fall of IFSIM” no need for this drama.

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Yes, it’s:

Hey everyone, news:
I am gonna rebuild this network. When it was first made it was successful with 120 members after 2 months. More information to come


You closed yours so IFVATC was opened.

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