The IFSIM Network

Introducing, the IFSIM Network.

IFSIM is familiar to VATSIM, except it is for Infinite Flight. It uses the Free Flight Server and Discord Communication. You can apply and train to become an ATC controller for IFSIM on the website.

The Discord group:

Visit our website:
Get to know everyone on our forum:

Our Email:

Our Twitter: @IFSIM_ATC

We are officially partnered with Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight


Credits to @Liftoff for the logo.


I think this is a good idea

I like this idea :)

If managed correctly, this could turn into something big. I can’t wait to see how this will develop :)

Thanks :) I know there is a lot of stress ahead of me but I know it will be worth it. Gonna make a topic looking for staff positions soon :)

I have a question though. How will we know when IFSIM ATC will be online? Will there be notifications or something?

Well, for now, when it is small, wel will try post events when it is online, but if it gets big, hopefully ATC will be available 24/7, just like VATSIM

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If any of you guys are interested, I will be doing zello ATC tonight at 10pm Zulu at LAX in free flight server 1.
for full ATC service, tune to zello channel IF LAX ATC.
don’t forget to tune to the frequency IF LAX ATC.
@Recxx @jjt0909 @Alex_Kellagher @Boodz_G @Mr_Jetstar

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Hey, this isn’t part of IFSIM, I know your an IFSIM controller, but to control for IFSIM, you must use the IFSIM Zello channels

oh, sorry about that. I am really sorry. I wont do that agin, sorry.

No problem, everyone makes mistakes

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What do you guys think of the new logo made by @Liftoff ? It is on post #1

@Liftoff has talent


I know, right :)

IFSIM is becoming more active more often now :) Yesterday there was a professional ATC session with all stations open.

Almost at 50 members :)

Is there anyway to get Discord on a PC?

Yes go to
I use it on mobile and PC. On PC you can download it or use it in browser.

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Go to this link ;-)

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The event barely just started and we already have liveflight app saying Singapore is the busiest region on FFS

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