It seems like you have just come across the infinite flight fighters. We are a group of pilots specializing in fighter jet flying creating an experience that anyone will enjoy. We have a dedicated discord server. This allows our pilots to talk whilst in a formation and discuss different maneuvers.

If you do join the discord server please make this aware to me or email me at where you will be assigned a role and you will be able to discuss whether you would like to become a trained pilot or a admin or moderator for us. You must email me; name,age,flying hours,past experience(if you have any) and the country you live in. Our link to our website and discord is

If you would like to be a pilot for the IFF you shall have to pass a training course. This exam will include maneuvers, landings etc. If you don’t pass this exam on your 3rd attempt then you cannot become a trained pilot and will be banned from the discord unless by certain reasoning.

This is unique to any fighter jet as we strive for excellence. We don’t accept just anyone. We want to let only the best of the best into our display team. I am also developing an app to allow our pilots to share their images during event displays as well as a way to talk to each other and finally a blog from me

At IFF we have a role system and it goes as follows:

Little IFF’s- This will happen when you first contact me and ask to become a pilot. We think the word trainee is a bit boring so were original about our role names

Trained Pilots- Once you have passed the test you will be assigned this role. As you improve you will be promoted

The Best- This is given to our elite display team only

Mod- Controls the chat keeping it clean
Admin- Allows the change of roles and trains pilots
Instructor (corporal) - trains the little IFF’s and is a key rolemodel for aspiring IFF pilots


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You can just invite them, no need to tag :).

By the way, there are 2 very similar VAs already:

We are unique through recruiting the best and having an app to use technology to our advantage. As well as IFM provide security and IFES provide escorts whereas IFF is a flying display team

Hey id like to help with making sure every thing is going alright. maybe like supervise the discort grup

send me an email and we can talk about it also join the discord server as well

I’ve just done it

I would like to announce that the app is now released so that if you do become a pilot for us you will the receive the app and enjoy our private social network

Have moved to under LIVE VA.

looking forward to seeing you guys up in the air!

Yes we are currently organizing our first display dates will be done soon. As well as fighters up in the air practicing routines.

I might join. Pm me more info?

and email me @Rodney_Buckland as I need to know your age where you live, name and flying hours

Permanent discord link is

We are nearly at 20 active pilots only 1 off who will be the 20th?

What is the email to join the website is not working for me

Go here and pm an instructor

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