The IF Pilots Have Gotten Better

So I just wanted to see if other forum users are noticing the same thing I am. My favorite part of IF is playing ATC and as I have played more and more I have noticed the pilots on IF are listening to ATC commands almost all the time even pattern instructions and pilots in the air are doing a lot better at maintaining their separation, I’m not seeing as many people cutting in line and taking off from the grass and taxiways. It has been making the game a lot more fun to play especially as an avid ATC player.

Anyone else noticing the same thing? BTW this is my experience on the training server in the SoCal region.


It is okay however there are still a bunch of noobs I had to encounter today


Well they don’t provide ATC services in casual server. I think you mean training server 1. Anyway, great controlling buddy, it’s great that pilots follow your instructions😊. Training server is always messy chaos just so you know.


Listening to ATC is a lot different from behaving when no one is looking. Ive still seen people pulling stupid moves on Expert when ATC is not there.

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@Chatta290 I honestly feel for you, the noobs are the worst!

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