The IF moon.

Helo IFC. last week on the FNF I seen the IF moon for the first time. It’s so realistic and nice. Thought I would share it with you.

  • I have seen the IF moon before
  • I have never seen the IF moon before

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Thanks and hope you enjoyed😁

My FNF last week


Make sure no HUD or player names are visible. If not corrected your topic will be subject to closer.


What because of the little white box

Hows that :D

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Probably consider cutting it (a bit), to be safe.

Back on topic: Yes, not many things as cool in IF as landing in a beautiful moonlit night (or even seeing the moon rise!)!

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Very true
It was also my first night landing

That’s special! I fly mostly return flights in the afternoon with the inbound leg arriving at about 10-11pm, therefore I am pretty used to it but it’s always nice (with moonlight), especially coming in over the alps (and it’s snow)!

Correct, it’s a lot better now.

Ok, thanks very much for your help @Qantas094

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