The iconic Emirates Airbus A380 makes a return to the skies

Since Emirates announced in late March that they would be temporarily suspending all operations, following a travel ban imposed by the UAE government, their fleet of 115 Airbus A380-800s have not been in use commercially, and were grounded, only appearing on FlightRadar24 temporarily when the engines were being started up or if they were being moved for long-term storage, however today is the day when two routes, EK001 and EK073 (OMDB-EGLL & OMDB-LFPG respectively) were resumed using the A380. This is positive news for fans of the A380 as many airlines including Air France have permanently withdrawn the A380 from their fleet.

Emirates A380 departing Dubai International Airport, bound for London Heathrow ( EK001, 15/07/2020)

Source: Emirates Official Instagram

From the 1st August, Emirates plan to add an additional A380 flight to London Heathrow and an additional route to Amsterdam. Many more A380 routes will be added if travel demand picks up again later in the year.

The Emirates A380 is known for its trademark premium services such as onboard showers which First Class passengers can enjoy and the Onboard Lounge at the back of the upper deck where First and Business Class passengers have the added luxury of having a manned bar throughout the cruise phase of the flight, however due to social distancing rules these features are temporarily suspended.

Emirates Cabin Crew are also required to be in full PPE and interactions between passengers and crew will be significantly reduced, this is something which is hard for an airline like Emirates, as a strong passenger-crew rapport is one of their fundamental principals and with limited interactions, it is likely that this would also be impacted.

Emirates had initially planned to operate the A380 at least until 2035, probably 2040, the way business was booming pre-pandemic, however the pandemic is still ongoing and we are in a world full of uncertainty at the moment. I’d love to hear how long you think Emirates can extend their operations of the A380 in this poll.

  • Before 2035
  • After 2035

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I wonder when they will resume at JFK, currently using 777’s on that route… feels weird… last time they used 777 at JFK was long while ago 2011/2012

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So great to see the Emirates A380 back in the skies. One of my favourite aircraft, and it’s awesome to see this beauty flying again.


Also KLAX too! The lineup of 5/6 A380s next to one another will no longer be a thing :(

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No matter how awful the economics are the A380 is just a marvel to behold and ride in. Long live 🦾

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Seen the alert in FR24, My day become happier

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Really beautiful plane !! Sad to see it go :(

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They will and it will be replaced with the A350 starting in 2030 ;)

This is good news for A380 fans and emirates fans!

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. GOD PLEASE NO!

Well atleast you still got a decade to see them

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