The Icelandair report. [Spoilers]

Today, I did a flight from JFK to Keflavik, with the close to be released 757-200. It’s going to be an Infinite flight report. Enjoy.

  • Aircraft: RW 757-200
  • New York - Keflavik
  • 5 hr’s 16 min’s flight time.
  • Overall: (At the end)
    Boarding at Terminal 7.

    Taking off at JFK, and the takeoff was ok!

Cruising over Greenland, the scenery was amazing!

On final for Keflavik.

And touchdown!

Overall, it was amazing, quiet, and enjoyable flight. I might be flying to Amsterdam next!.

Hope you enjoyed!


Love this shot with sunset!


That[s why I love flying over Greenland!

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