The Icelandair report: 2

Remember this phrase in my last topic? ”I might be flying to Amsterdam next!”
Well, I did. This is an IF report, not some RWA topic, or anything like that. Anyways, enjoy!
The Screenshots

  • Keflavik - Amsterdam
  • Aircraft: 757-200
  • Time 3:27 minute flight time
  • C-altitude: 32,000
  • Overall: (At the end as usual)
  • Server: Training

Boarding at Keflavik, the “line” was really long, and I waited at the same spot for 10-5 minutes in the cold,

Crossing the runway, as we head to takeoff. Really nice picture if you ask me.

Rotating, or rotated off the runway, and saying goodbye to Keflavik, and start saying Hi to Amsterdam

Today, I just ate snack I bought at the airport, as well as an Icelandic pizza at the “mall” at the airport. Was very delicious and enjoy full at 32,000 feet.

As this trip ends, flying over Amsterdam being the last Icelandair flight of the day that was inbound for Amsterdam.

And touchdown! It was Smooth? I guess. Let’s say that.

And a final picture with a beautiful Icelandair at EHAM

I hope you enjoyed, tell me where I should go next for my 3rd part, I’m out of ideas.

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Da window veiw🥶 go hard

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