The hustle and bustle of KDFW

Hello IFC! The other day I did some spotting at DFW with my new camera and here’s some of the shots

American 777-300er coming in from London

American Eagle CRJ-700 coming in from Corpus Christi, TX

American Eagle CRJ-700 in the sky west house colors coming in from Bismarck, ND

American A319 in Piedmont heritage special coming in from Wichita, Kansas

The plane that is beloved by some and hated by most it’s the American Airlines 737 winglet logo this one coming in from El Paso, TX

Next we have a American 737-800 that is not painted with the winglet logo yet coming in from Austin, TX

Viva aerobus coming in from Monterrey, Mexico

American 787-9 Dreamliner arriving in from Paris

Emirates 777-200lr Arriving in from Dubai

UPS MD-11 arriving in from Louisville, KY

Thanks for stopping by there will be polls below if you’d like to participate and like always please reply with any questions, comment, concerns or anything else you’d like

Favorite Shot
  • AA 77W
  • AE CRJ
  • SW CRJ
  • Piedmont retro
  • Winglet 738
  • Non winglet 738
  • Viva A320
  • AA 789
  • Emirates 77L
  • UPS MD11

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P.S. Thank you @Deltadev13 for moral support


Why haven’t you showed me the 77W yet 🥺 that’s my favorite

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I have lol

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Since I am a huge American Airlines guy! I loved every single one!


Amazing photos!

Let’s go!!! Love the AA! Awesome photos!


Awesome thank you

Thank you


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I love the photos but I gotta go with the Emirates.

Also love American I prefer Emirates

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Thank you 😊


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