The Humming Bird is now Typed!

What a great day for the helicopter world! Vertical Aviation Technologies located in Sanford, Florida has just been given the Type Rating to the S-52 series helicopter. The S-52 was introduced in 1947 and began service with the US Military in 1951

The S-52 was the first US helicopter with all-metal rotor blades. Sikorsky began designing the S-52 in 1945 he prototype S-52, first flown in 1947, was a two-seater and used a 178 horse power engine. The S-52 set several speed and height records in 1948, including 129.6 mph in a two mile flight. 122.75 mph, 1,100 yd circuit, and an absolute height of 21,220 ft. The S-52 could hover out of ground effect up to 9,200 ft. The S-52 was the first helicopter to be flown in a loop, as flown by Harold Thompson.

Vertical Solutions began building the Humming Bird kit back in the 1990s and has been as a kit. As of today the FAA gave Vertical Solutions the Type Rating for the Kit this making it the very first US Helicopter kit to be typed!

The Hummingbird 300L is a four seat single pilot, single engine helicopter that you can buy for about 150 thousand dollars.

Congrats to the company for getting their Type Rating!


Not being funny, but that white and red chopper is the ugliest thing I have ever seen 😂😂


I actually prefer that look over the Hummingbird but that’s a Rotorism


You need stronger glasses haha I’ll treat you to some when you come visit!


Soon my friend I won’t need them, I’ll be able see 2020 next year! Oh and see you next year!

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I see what you did there… smarta£@% 😂😂


Looks russian 😂

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Igor Sikorsky designed it, he’s Russian and he’s the part of my next helicopter history guy which Im working on!


I got some russian comments ready 😜

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angrily screams in russian

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It’s American so you’d probably need scream in America

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