The Humbling Hamburg Flyout[Departed]

May I have Gate 08 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt

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Please can I have Remote Stand 48 Air France A220 Paris(CDG)

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I just noticed that many wanted gate 8. I’ll be good sport and change it. So hopefully this make your day. I’ll take

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Thank you for being flexible

Event is in 2 days

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Unfortunately this gate has already been taken. Is there another gate that interests you

The KLM to Amsterdam on 48B, is it okay, if I take the E190 instead?

@Ryan_15 are there any flights to Asia?

What’s the longest flight

To Dubai probably


Lemme switch to this

Actually Air France a220 to Paris

Istanbul Dubai Iran

Event is in 15 hours!

Can you attend?

  • Yes
  • No
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Can I have the gate 2 terminal 1 eurowings to stuttgart? Or am I too late? Thanks

I cant join anymore

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Maybe I can fill in yours to Gatwick if you can no longer make it?

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You are more then welcome to join

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wait maybe I can still join if I land in time

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Gate 01 Eurowings A319 Salzburg

Can I get this

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Can I change to Lufthansa Frankfurt instead? I don’t have the time to fly to palma de Mallorca

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