The Huge XCub Community Group Flight! (Completed)

Can I do atc for you

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mine mine mine mine hehe

@flyin_hawaiian I will get you down.

@UALPilot as I’ve already stated, there will be no ATC for this event.

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Can I steal this from Him?

For legal reasons this is a joke, but also not a joke at all


can I borrow this?

Hahaha no that’s mine

I’ll swap your reservations lol

You both seem to want eachother’s tie down

Let’s get some more signups before the event Saturday!

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek @flyin_hawaiian @the_ding @IF_California @AIDAN101 @EnthusiasticAviation @mildredAV @Real-ak907 please press “going” since you are all signed up!


I’m not that good at flying the XCub I watched the videos on the Infinite Flight YT but anyone wanna help before the event?

Here’s a good topic you can use 🙂

Make sure to practice too before the event

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The event is Tomorrow!!!

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Hello @Wonderousbuilder641 is it possible if you can remove me, I signed up for an event which will be containing (American Virtual - United Virtual - Delta Virtual) we will be flying into KSEA so unfortunately I won’t be able to make this event. 😭

Bummer, I’ll remove you.

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I am for sure going! I will be using the EAA50th Livery, With Hangar 01 - Callsign “N163TX”

Alright, I’ll sign u up!

This sounds fun. I’m in. :)

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Wow the list of participants is such as Champions League teams.🍪

Well… Classico🍯

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I’ll sign you up.

Im afraid I cant come, sorry for the late notice

That’s alright, I’ll take you off the list

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