The Huge Thessaloniki Makedonia Flyout in Greece with IFATC! @ LGTS | 222000ZMAR20

About LGTS and the event

Welcome to the big Thessaloniki Flyout in Greece! Since Infinity Flight appeared worldwide, the beauties of Greece have also. One of them is Thessaloniki. Aegean Airlines also appeared afterward, which has its second home here.

IFATC @DimitriB will control the airport during the event. A big thank you!

But why Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport?

The airport has two intersepting runways, only one is active due to an expansion. After taking off you have a wonderful view of the light blue sea and the city. Due to the short runway, taking off is particularly exciting for pilots and passengers. The beautiful surroundings create summer vibes and are ideal for a pleasant flight. Further details and special features about the airport will follow

Important event information

Date and time: 2020-03-22T20:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Airport: LGTS - only RWY 16/34

Aircraft: No bigger than B757

Extra: Since the airport is still being enlarged and has not been completed, markings are missing in a few places. I ask you to stop at missing runway holding short lines :)

  1. No pushback positions, be aware that there is no aircraft in front of you
  2. No intersepting departures allowed
  3. Military aircraft use only appropriate positions
  4. Follow IFATC instructions

Destinations and Airlines

You can use all destinations and every airline at all gates. These are only the most popular ones.

Athens (ATH)
Larnaca (LCA)
Munich (MUC)
Heraklion/ Crete (HER)
Vienna (VIE)
Mytilene/ Lesbos (MJT)
Frankfurt (FRA)
Düsseldorf (DUS)
Istanbul (IST)
Stuttgart (STR)
London Gatwick (LGW)
London Stansted (STN)
Chios (JKH)
Bucharest (OTP)
Rhodes (RHO)
Berlin Schönefeld (SXF)
Tel Aviv (TLV)
Belgrade (BEG)
Rome (CIA)
Samos (SMI)

Olympic Air
Jet 2
Turkish Airlines
Air France

How to request a gate
Provide following informations:
Airline, Flight Number and Destination. I will assign a gate to you. A representation of the gates appears here the day before the event.

Maximum consumed capacity: 75%

Of course, every arrival is welcome. The normal rules apply, as always on the Expert Server. This is my first event. It is an honor to be able to say that an IFATC is in charge of the event. Please behave appropriately. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or something isn’t clear.

A big sorry for all pilots which spawned to early. There was a small problem with the Zulu time. Every pilot got contacted and the times are now correct. Thanks!

See you at LGTS



Can I have a Aegean gate to Düsseldorf

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Hi @anon45500775,
which flight number do you want?
You can have the Aegean Gate 09 😎

Flight 540

You are signed up and added to the list. Thanks!

I would like an Aegean gate to Heraklion

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Hey @NeperQiell,
you can have the Aegean Gate 08.
What’s your flight number?

Flight 574

Alright, thanks for joining! You’re on the list :)

Can I get herolokion please

@Mr_yellow Do you mean Heraklion? Gate 07 is available for you. Which airline and flight number do you want?

Yes I would like gate 7 and air france

Sounds great! What’s your flight number so I can add you to the list 😎

Swa57 that’s my flight number

Alright, so AirFrance and Callsign: SWA 57
Are you cool with it?

Yes that sounds good

Nice, @Mr_yellow welcome to the event!
You’re on the list :)

Can I get an Aegean A320 to Munich?

Hello, great event! I’d like an A320 as well please, I’ll join @NeperQiell to Heraklion in the A320.

Hi @Alexian61,
Of course you can! Which flight number do you want? Your gate will be 10. 😎