The Huge Los Angeles Fly Out 7JAN24

Welcome to the most famous airport in the world, LAX. LAX served nearly 88.1 million passengers in 2019, for a daily average of 241,000, and offers an average of nearly 700 daily nonstop flights to 113 destinations in 42 states in the U.S., and 1,200 weekly nonstop flights to 91 markets in 46 countries on 72 commercial airlines. Help me get LAX the most busy we have ever seen. Come join me on this awesome fly out!

This event will take place on the expert server

Los Angeles International. KLAX



Terminal 1

Southwest Airlines

Gate 9 to Las Vegas
Gate 11a to Denver
Gate 11b to Oakland
Gate 13 to Houston Hobby
Gate 15 to Chicago Midway - @Brxylon
Gate 17a to Portland
Gate 17b to San Jose
Gate 18b to New Orleans - @im_APdude
Gate 18a to Seattle
Gate 16 to Kahului
Gate 14 to Saint Louis - @ODFly
Gate 12b to Honolulu
Gate 12a to Nashville

Terminal 2

Delta Airlines

Gate 25 A330N to Tokyo Haneda
Gate 26 A330 to Seattle - @Prestoni
Gate 23 A350 to Atlanta

gate 21 A320 to Portland
Gate 28 737-900 to Cabo San Lucas
Gate 24a A321 to Tampa
Gate 27 737-900 to Salt Lake City
Gate 24 A220 to La Guardia
Gate 22 757-200 to Detroit

Terminal 3

Delta Connection

Gat 31 E175 to Las Vegas
Gate 33 E175 to Tuson
Gate 35 CRJ700 to Reno
gate 37 CRJ700 to Saint George

Terminal 4

American Airlines

Gate 41 777-300 to London
Gate 43 787-8 to Miami - @Skismd
Gate 48x 777-200 to Charlotte - @member_of_oneworld

Gate 45 A321 to New york
Gate 47a A320 to Cabo San Lucas
Gate 47b 737-800 to Chigaco
Gate 49a CRJ700 to San Diego
Gate 48a E175 to Las Vegas
Gate 46c 737-800 to Denver
Gate 46b A321 to Kahului
Gate 46a 737-800 to Pheonix
Gate 42b A320 to San Fransico
Gate 42a A321 Dallas
Gate 40 A321 to Ronald Regan

Terminal 5

Jetblue Airlines, Spirit Airlines, American Airlines, Sun country

Sun Country
Gate 54a 737-800 to Minneapolis

Gate 51b A321 to New York
Gate 55a A321 to Boston - @Jetblue1269
Gate 59 A321 to Fort Lauderdale
Gate 56c A320 to Las Vegas
Gate 56a A320 to Seattle

Spirit Airlines
Gate 53b A321 to Las Vegas
Gate 56b A321 to Atlanta
Gate 54b A321 to Nashville
Gate 50 A321 to Dallas

American Airlines
Gate 57 777-200 to Tokyo Narita
Gate 58 777-200 to Seoul

Terminal 6
Alaska Airlines, Air Canada

Alaska Airlines
Gate 61 E175 to Monterray
Gate 65a E175 to Redmond
Gate 65b 737-900 to Cabo San Lucas
Gate 65c 737-900 to Fort Lauderdale
Gate 67 E175 to San Fransico
Gate 68b 737-900 to Dulles
Gate 68a 737-900 to Kahului
Gate 66 737-900 to Portland
Gate 64 737-900 to Newark
Gate 62 737-900 to Seattle
Gate 60 E175 to Eugene - @OV-099

Air Canada
Gate 69a 777-300 to Toronto

Terminal 7

United Airlines
Gate 77 787-9 to London
Gate 75 777-200 to Dulles
Gate 74 787-9 to Tokyo Narita
Gate 72 757-200 to Newark - @ayyjay

71a 737-800 to Seattle
Gate 71b 757-200 to Houston
Gate 73 757-200 to Orlando
Gate 75a 737-800 to Kauai
Gate 75b 757-200 to San Fransico
Gate 70b 737-900 to Baltimore
Gate 70a 737-800 to Austin

Terminal 8
United Airlines, United Express

Gate 80 737-800 to Pheonix
Gate 81 737-800 to Las Vegas
Gate 82 A320 to Chicago
Gate 83 A320 to San Antonio
Gate 84 E175 to Oakland

United Express
Gate 85 E175 to Palm Springs - @Butter575
Gate 86a CRJ700 to San diego
Gate 86b CRJ700 to Monterray

Tom Bradley International Teminal

Gate 141 Aeromexico 737-800 to Mexico City
Gate 139 Aeromexico 737-800 to Guadalajara
Gate 137 Copa Airlines 737-900 to Panama City
Gate 135 Flair Airlines 737-800 to Vancouver
Gate 133 Delta A350 to Sydney - @PhorzaSky
Gate 131 Avianca A330 to Barcelona
Gate 134 Austrian Airlines 777-200 to Vienna
Gate 132 Asiana Airlines A380 to Seoul
Gate 130 Swiss Airlines 777-300 to Zurich - @Crunchymonkey12345
Gate 148 Lufthansa 747-8 to Frankfurt
Gate 150 British Airways 777-300 to London
Gate 152 Korean Airlines A380 to Seoul - @Imalwaysbmw
Gate 154 SAS A330 to Copenhagen - @ethollie2006
Gate 156 Emirates Airlines A380 to Dubai
Gate 159 Finnair A350 to Helsinki
Gate 157 KLM 787-10 to Amsterdam - @Danilo_Bergsma
Gate 155 Air New Zealand 777-300 to Auckland
Gate 153 Qatar A350 to Doha
Gate 151 Westjet 737-800 to Calgary
Gate 221 Aer Lingus A330 to Dublin - @Ben_Walsh
Gate 202 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 to Papetee
Gate 201 Iberia A350 to Madrid
Gate 204 Air France 777-300 to Paris
Gate 205 Air France 777-200 to Papetee
Gate 206 Lufthansa A380 to Munich - @Helzluis
Gate 207 ANA 787-9 to Tokyo Haneda
Gate 208 Singapore 777-300 to Singapore
Gate 209 Qantas 787-9 to Melbourne - @Proswitchgaming30
Gate 210 Virgin Atlantic 797-9 to London

If you want a cargo flight please spawn in a realistic ramp.

Socal Departure:
Socal Arrival:
LA Center:


  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC if present

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly

  • Have fun!

Who Wants to come to Los Angeles?

will take this

you can change the tag to atc-staffed

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Thank you!

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Aer lingus to Dublin please

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I’ll take this but in an A330-300 instead. Thanks

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I got both of you! Thanks for joining!

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i’ll take this but in the B777-200ER

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Thanks for joining

This but a united 757 to newark

Sorry but united only operates out of terminal 7 and 8. There is a United 787-9 flight to Newark if you want that

Yeah i’ll take that i wasnt aware

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Thanks for signing up!

@Prestoni I can no longer attend

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No problem

Just wanna say I find it impressive that you covered every single gate at this huge airport with airline, destination, and aircraft type with great accuracy. Maybe I’m a little sentimental since it’s my “home” airport lol but this is awesome

Oh and I’ll take gate 14 WN to STL


Thank you! Ill get you signed up!

This but on an E175

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I got you!

Which one? There’s Monterey Regional Airport (MRY/KMRY) in California, USA which has scheduled United Express service to Los Angeles and completely matches up with your description, but also Monterrey International Airport (MTY/MMMY) in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The latter sees Los Angeles service with Aeromexico Connect and Viva Aerobus.

Matching your description, I’m positive that you mean the Californian Monterey. but if you could clarify, that’d be great, as I’m considering taking this route.

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