The huge influx of new "Opinion"-topics

Not a seal of approval, just my opinion. The moderation team may decide to do something else later:)

Yes i am getting fed up with opinions on this airline. I know your probably thinking but u asked how Norwegian is but this is because i am flying with them soon and i couldn’t find any other topics :)

I would say something may not benefit you but surely it may benefit others :)

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Just let them go by, I get fed up with people asking for liveries on plane that has many liveries already, but I don’t see a need to create anti-livery topics.

R u saying this to me @NatIsrael972 :)

I would say yes and no. My statement should be viewed as one for everyone. You can tell me more about this Norwegian saga over PM or Slack :)

I enjoyed this opinion piece on opinion pieces.


I find them a bit taxing, but I figure that as long as it doesn’t turn into "What do you think of seat 33A on UA 895 (it’s not as bad as SeatGuru thinks), then it’s easy enough to skip over them…there are only so many airlines and aircraft out there.

the problem that I have noticed is that there are different parameters btw moderators, I sometimes see close topic deemed unnecessary, and there are many topics open just as useless … so the problem is that …

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Fell free to message me and we can discuss any closed or open topic you want:)

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Please try to count them. You’d be amazed!

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Well keep counting… It’s a new trend I see as I haven’t seen any airline opinion threads months ago…

Everything you need to know about airlines is available online in official reviews and ratings.
Don’t forget that the average age here is around 16, so how much objective information would you expect? How many airlines would the average user have flown with?
“How was you experience?” is a valid question.
“What is your opinion?” isn’t.
Neither is “What’s the best airline?” or any version of that.
No-one has flown them all, so no-one can know.
Opinions are personal and don’t count. Ratings do.
Trust the info online and let’s keep this forum about Infinite Flight. It’s not a airline ratings database.

Just my two cents, but it seems a lot of others agree as well.


Sometimes people just wish to confirm their decision again, so let them be, live and let live.

Not if it bothers a lot of others.
If they are not limited, at least create a category for them so I can mute it, like the VA category.
That was such a relief.

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You have a flexible mind hours ago but now not so… Well I don’t mute topics, I just see what I like to see and ignore what I don’t wish to see… That is so simple, you can do it too, for sure!

But the thing is, there are so many you can’t skip them…

There is so many, but have you seen a full consecutive list that goes:

  • Opinions on Air France | Real World Aviation
  • Best Airline in the World | Real World Aviation
  • Worst Airline in the World | Real World Aviation
  • What do you think of Air Berlin? | Real World Aviation

I mean, there will still be other interesting threads that will capture your attention…

I’d really like a separate category so I can skip them all.

The thing is that people don’t seem to realize that the information is useless anyway.
These topics have no value what so ever. There is no real information. Just personal opinions. They do not server any purpose.
They only clog the forum.

The real information is to be found online via official channels and rating systems.

When you have a story to share about your experience than that would be fine and could even be a pleasure to read. That is real. Not just another poll with the same options as all others about an aircraft or an airline only a small portion of the users here has flown on or with.


Won’t there by then be too many categories and subcategories to keep track of?

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