The huge influx of new "Opinion"-topics

Seriously guys?

I am getting fed up with these opinion topics all the time. There are great sites to help you and after all, if those do not help you, you do always have google.

Use the resources you already have online, no need to create new topics for every airline on this forum.

If you really like this, please tell me why.



I don’t like the either!


We have already had a few complaints about them before. I thought they would die down in all honesty but I guess not. The thing is they don’t breach any forum rules so not allowing them isn’t something I want to do in all honesty. Not sure about any other options though at the moment.


Is it possible to make a separate category for them so people can block them?


I think that not allowing them is a good idea, and if people really want to have our opinion, they will have to provide us with a reason for that. Right now, we are clogging the forum with this nonsense.


I highly doubt that will happen

Do what iam doing…ignore and sit it out…it will go away like that casting shows on TV will one day…


I do not think that will happen.

Emotions aside, the moment you see it’s an opinion topic in the title, move on to the next.

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To add on to Hlox’s reply, if you don’t like something yet it is legal in the forum then just move on to the next thread, really…


I already suggested that. Hope they will do that.

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No intention to change this topic. If people are fed up of such opinions, then I’m fed up of the many VA’s mushrooming everywhere. I think most of them must just merge, or a tournament should be organised with an intention of eliminating the dormant or less active ones.

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Well we should leave VAs aside first. I myself am preparing my own VA for operations in May so it kind of gives me a sense of dismay that you’re talking about this… My VA is relatively new but that is how every VA starts out in the first place :)

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Guys, on topic. Stop the VA talk.


Well said. People search for opinions from alternative sources and IFC is one of them!

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I don’t know why people are bothered by them. I don’t mind them, if you don’t like them don’t look at them. But some people want to see the communities opinion on things and I personally don’t see a problem with that.


Now that is a seal of approval from Carson! Live and let live, I say.

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I kinda brought them back to life, sorry. But, this community is actually a great place to get input about airlines, and I would trust this more than yahoo answers because people here actually know about aviation. Everyone gets bothered by something, but I’m going to say just ignore it. When a few topics come up there is no need to start trying to get rid of them, as they are actually helpful. I personally dislike all of the livery requests for planes that already have tons of liveries, but I’m not making a big deal out of it.

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Simply saying, everyone has grudges against things but if we all choose to live and let live (as long as it’s legal in the forum), we can all be happy aviators!

I just see no point in starting a fight over a few topics, just ignore them an move along with your day. It’s not like there a 50 topics being made about airline ratings, so just let them slip by.