The HUD on Non Live Cockpit Aircraft

Look i understand the whole, “Live Cocpit” thing ok, but I just want to fly a C-130 around and I can’t because the HUD is bugging me, If the Aircraft doesn’t have a live flight deck then fix its HUD, I would like to still fly a Aircraft nicely even if it doesn’t have a Live Flight Deck. Common now…

What do you mean? All aircraft have the HUD by default…

If the HUD bothers you, you can turn it off. Eventually the C-130 and other planes will be reworked and receive live cockpits.

Yeah but its un centerd, And you can’t landed normally, I understand it not being centered on live cocpits, but on like C-130s, its not centerd

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Then how am I suppose to fly?

Im not talking about reworked aircraft im talking about the other aircraft

That’s because the C-130’s nose is pointed downwards IRL.

Same with the CRJ series.

But still, It needs to be centered let me show you real quick

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if the camera location is the problem try the internal free camera and place it where you would like.

Like this?

Yes, it’s supposed to be like that. The nose of the aircraft is pointed down.

Not the camra look

Now Blitz takeoff, and check out the difference of appearance

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You mean in the cockpit HUD? When you have the cockpit view?

From the HUD veiw to the HUD in the cocpit

Correct, thats what I’m saying

Ah, thats every aircraft now.

Check the A359, 777 Series, A320 Series, 737 Series.

They’re all the same.

You can vote for it here :)

Not Reworked aircraft, I don’t care about the Hud on reworks

But ill still vote lol

Btw is every aircraft like this, is the HUD not centered