The Hubs - @KATL to @KJFK - 202030ZMAR20

Let’s Fly - The Hubs @KATL to @KJFK

  • Aircraft and Livery : Delta 777-200ER, Delta 777-200LR, Delta 787-8, Delta A350-900, Delta A321, JetBlue A321

  • Route : KATL-KDFW

  • Time of Departure : 2020-03-20T20:30:00Z

  • Server : Expert

  • Additional Information:

Please let me know if you’re joining. I will send you the flight plan in a group PM.
I have changed location from KDFW to KJFK.

Name Aircraft
@ran Delta B777-200LR
@thenewpilot Delta A350-900

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