The hottest phone

After the update my phone is getting hot, I don’t know why, but are there dedicated phones for me, Infinite Flight? I want to buy one

It’s because the severs is getting packed. Due to high demand

I would recommend checking out this great topic made by @Kirito_77 before making any IF-related decisions. :]

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I just placed my phone in the fridge for a few minutes and its cold again now

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this is not recommended to do very often as dramatic temperature changes can actually damage the phones battery even more!

I was kidding hahahaahaha

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what your device ?

It should also be known that charging your phone during heavy use damages the battery. It’s why I personally avoid doing long hauls.

No no no this is a known issue and there’s no need for a new phone if the phone already worked with the last version of IF. The devs are working on the issue. Your battery is hot and draining because of the current amount of people using the servers. You’ll be back to normal once the devs fix the servers.

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I understand that. I was just telling him to check what graphics he should be using to help conserve the temperature and battery life of his device. :]

Also I would advise possibly not going to the FNF this week since there might be another server overload and there will be center and active ATC. If you need to give it a try use everything in the lowest graphics with low brightness. Also avoid charging your phone during critical phases of flight such as taxi, takeoff, climb, decent, and landing.

Currently since the update I’ve been flying in airspace’s with only one other aircraft and my phone still gets super hot

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