The Hotfix, What's been changed/added?

Obviously I am an IOS user and I haven’t gotten the hotfix. I just wanted to know what has changed/added.


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the hotfix is not published yet

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I thought I saw someone talking about it on the 787 tracking thread?

I think it’s just added some 787 liveries. There’s been conflict about some liveries from the -10 (ANA, KLM, BA etc.) that haven’t been put on the 787-8/-9. I find it completely stupid that someone would put on a show and complain about something like this. So the developers are adding in new liveries to the 787 to make those people who complained (Not naming) happy.

In my opinion, I don’t care. They should be happy they received an updated 787. Not being selfish about what’s wrong.

Thanks, much appreciated:)

That’s part of it as well.

Sorry :P

That’s definitely me ;)


You self admitted yourself, I have so much respect for you. 😉

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Didn’t GISINNIKITA’s friend find some 787-9 liveries that failed to have a select button? They were in the simulators files.

I removed those links from the list of the thread since they are fake…🙄 He modified the liveries by using the sim’s files or something like that.

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