The Hot Trail KPHX-KTUS

Flight Details

Server- Expert
Flight Time- 32min
Cruising Altitude- FL220
Aircraft- CRJ-700
Airline- American

Waiting for my Delayed flight because of someone’s feet smelling bad and Because of that the aircraft was written off and we had to wait for a second one

Very long takeoff because of the heat, the plane had heat exhaustion it was so hot that the plane nearly went into a large ice bowl in downtown

Finally up to some cooler altitudes, the cabin wasn’t melting anymore which was good

Need to use the bathroom at cruising Altitude.

On left base, No turbulence, very surprising for KTUC, the plane started melting again though because of the heat.

Now the landing gear are melting out of the aircraft you know how the saying goes “if you want to burn something don’t make a fire, go to Arizona”.

Buttery and fast landing in KTUC we basically slowly melted onto the runway.

Spoilers coming out and us stopping after a lava hot flight

The door has now melted onto the ground and we are now evacuating the aircraft because it’s melting

Looking at the plane from the special invisible terminal

I hope you liked it.
What was you’re favorite picture?

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If you didn’t like the picture tell me what I could’ve done better.


Those are great

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Thankyou very much!

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Nice photos!

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Caution everything is MeLtInG

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Nice, I like the text along with the pictures 😅

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Love the pics but I wish the plane wasnt so dark you couldnt enjoy the livery GREAT PHOTOS besides that!

AviationFreak has entered the chat

Awesome photos! It gets scorching hot here in the summer. I think today is supposed to be 111 degrees Fahrenheit. Very funny captions and I hope you fly Arizona again! 😂

116 to be exact!

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Hey what editing app do you use? Also I recommend using a brighter filter. Like @USA_ATC said it is a bit hard to see. Keep up the good work!


Awesome pics!

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure to do that.
And I just use my regular iPad editing controls.

Oh, that may or may not have been me…

I think you might mean KTUS not TUC btw.

Haha lol, I thought The airport name was wrong, changing it now.

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Great photos! A little over-edited for my taste, but nice work nonetheless! Now why did #6 look like an MD-80 for a second? 🤔

Now the photos are great, but the captions are amazing. Gave me a good smile. 😂

Did the line you were supposed to park on also melt?

All jokes aside, amazing pictures. As always, love the comments!

I opened the door of one of our Cessna’s on the ramp today at IWA. If you’ve never been here before then it is hard to describe. My feet were actually burning through my shoes and socks, opening the door is like opening the oven when you feel the heat hit you in a wave. I actually have a mark on my arm because I accidentally touched the seat belt buckle and it burned me. Needless to say nobody was flying at that time.

That reminds me though, I took my commercial checkride about a year ago, and we didn’t fly until mid afternoon, and man was it awful. I was wearing a baseball hat that day, and at one point on the way back in, we hit the strongest thermal I’ve ever felt to this day. The examiner and I both smacked into the roof of the plane pretty hard, and I can still feel a little gouge in my scalp from where the roof smashed into my headset which smashed down onto the little button in the center of the hat. Good times. Still passed.


Lol nice pics! I should fly the CRJ again sometime. I’m one of the few people who can totally butter it.

Those captions totally got me XD thanks for a good laugh lol

Very nice pictures, not to edited. Not to little. Good work