The Hobbit Livery 777-300ER

Hello everyone with the recent work on the 777 rework I wanted to highlight a very rare but awesome Livery that Air New Zealand wore on a select few of its aircraft. The airline saw the livery named one of the ugliest of its time having been released in 2012 ahead of the movies premiere. For the few of those who where Lucky enough to spot it where forever scared by this overloaded work by Air New Zealand.

I personally think it looks very nice although that’s coming as a bias opinion as Air New Zealand’s my home airline.

What do you think ugly or not?


Photo From The NZ Herald

i didnt even know that they had the hobit livery. i thought it was game of thrones. well it gets my vote


we need more special liverys like this

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Just like EVA Air’sSanrio Family (Hello Kitty)”, and ANA’sStar Wars” Livery, I am questioning the level of copyright infringement stamp on this one 🤔

As cool and unique as this livery is, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t have it but rather the fact, if the Developers can acquire the rights to use this livery. But that waits to see what the future holds. Maybe this livery might find its way into IF, but as awesome as that would be, knowing how strict these major companies are, especially those behind major movie- and videogame franchises… I have my doubts… And the distributor of The Hobbit being Warner Bros, well, that ought to be a tough break.


Yeah definitely I don’t think it’ll come for a little while especially considering all that you just talked about