The History Of Salt Lake City International Airport

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Salt Lake City International Airport (IACO: KSLC)


Early History

The airport history began back in 1911, where a site for a small airfield was chosen in the Salt Lake Valley. Later that year, the great international aviation carnival was held, which brought in many motor companies including the Wright brothers. Glenn H Curtiss also brought the first ever seaplane to the carnival. He did not use the airstrip to takeoff, however he used the nearby Salt Lake, where the Salt Lake Valley got its name. For a while, the airport was mainly used for training flights, but in 1923 United States Postal Service begin serving the airport by air. It was soon to give me the name Woodward Field Airport, names for John P. Woodward. In 1925, Salt Lake expanded to more mail operations, and in 1926, Western Air Express began flying from Salt Lake City to Los Argeles vía Los Vegas. Charles Lindbergh visited the field in 1927, and many spectators arrived to see The Spirit of St. Louis. In 1933, the first terminal was built. United Airlines start serving the airport with flights to New York and San Francisco. Similar to Fort Lauderdale in Newark, we see the same thing here where do United States Army established a piece of the airport in World War II. Soon, in 1957, Frontier Airlines started serving the airport. Once airline hubs started popping up all around, Western Airlines established a Hub at Salt Lake City airport. In 1987, Western Airlines merged with Delta Airlines, making Salt Lake City a Delta hub.


In 1991, the airport opened a new parking garage. They open the new runway 1985, and they open an international terminal including an E concourse for Skywest. More gates were soon opened in 2001, and just a year later, the Winter Olympics took place in Salt Lake City. In 2008, Delta began nonstop service to Paris, which was the first transatlantic route. In the same year, then I’ll service to Tokyo after the merger with Northwest Airlines. Because Delta is related to KLM and Air France, KLM began the twice weekly service to Amsterdam. This route also marks the first route ever served transatlantically by an international carrier from the airport. The new Terminal A was also opened in September 2020.


Salt Lake City international Airport has four concourses, with a fifth being built. Currently open to the public, is concourse A, C, F, G.

Concourse A

This concourse open just a few days ago, on September 15. It is mainly used by Delta Air Lines. It has a so-called canyon theme, and it is the newest airport terminal in the United States as of this time. It has modern shops, dining, and design. The airport had heard complaints about the old terminals, so they are building new ones to help passengers.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is also home to all of of Deltas operations. As Delta has a large presence in Salt Lake City, it is to no surprise that they need a lot of space. From what is here, there doesn’t appear to be too much personal space, but they are fixing it. Everything is a little small, but it is functional. It looks a little old fashioned, especially the ceiling tiles, but it’s great to know that the days of this terminal are numbered!

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 hosts the majority of the airlines (aka all but Delta) including JetBlue, United, American, Alaska, KLM, Southwest, and Frontier. The terminal looks and feels similar to the other terminal. Other than that, the terminals are fairly basic, so there is not too much to say.

Most Flown Routes

Rank Destination Airlines
1 Denver United, Delta, Frontier, Southwest
2 Los Angeles United, Delta, Alaska, Southwest, American, JetBlue (coming soon)
3 Phoenix American, Delta, Southwest
4 Atlanta Delta, Frontier
5 Seattle Delta, Alaska
6 Dallas Fort Worth American, Delta
7 Las Vegas Delta, Frontier, Southwest
8 San Diego Alaska, Delta, Southwest
9 New York-JFK Delta, JetBlue
10 Portland Alaska, Delta

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