The History Of Perth Airport

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Perth International Airport (IATA: PER)


Early History

Before the opening of the airport, there was air services available, which have been in operation since 1924. Soon, the Department of aviation in Australia decided on a location for the new Perth airport. In 1938, they chose a plot of land for the new airport… The site selected was at a place called Guildford. In 1943, the Australian Air Force choose Perth as a place for their new base. From 1943, military operations continued, even whilst being served by Qantas and ANA. Sooner rather than later, the jet age as we knew it began, and the 727 started flying to the airport, as well as the DC-9. This was one of the first airports in Austria get to be allowing midnight flying, with no curfews. This is what began the age of lights on the runway. Well, in Australia at least. In 1988, the federal government took over as the manager of the airport. Also, Qantas wanted for them to build a brand new terminal to help passenger comfort.

2000s And On

In 2001, Virgin Australia started flying out of person, and just a few years later, the international terminal underwent some renovation to help passenger comfort. In 2007, Perth received the first ever flight from the newly built Singapore terminal three at Changi Airport. In October 2008, the A380 made their first flight there with Qantas, then a few years later Qatar airways began daily A380 service from Doha. In 2016, Qantas announced nonstop flights from Perth to London, being one of the worlds longest flights at the time.


Terminal 1:

Terminal 1 is the international terminal, it has gates for the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380. It is also home to for airlines lounges. It is home to the Emirates, Singapore, Air New Zealand, and Qantas.

Terminal 2:

This Terminal is mainly used for regional operations around Australia. There’s not much to comment about it.

Terminal 3:

Terminal three has nine gates, and it was opened on November 23, 2015. It is used by Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and sometimes Qantas.

Terminal 4:

Terminal for the Qantas terminal, and it has a lot of benefits over the other her mainly. It’s is bright, modern and home to the original Australian airline!

Most Popular Routes

Rank Airport Passengers
1 Melbourne 2,033,242
2 Sydney 1,746,477
3 Singapore Changi 1,120,855
4 Brisbane 969,064
5 Denpasar 889,007
6 Adelaide 614,141
7 Kuala Lumpur 536,519
8 Karratha 436,887
9 Dubai 424,464
10 Port Hedland 337,347

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This is one of my favorite city as well as airport. Just love the Perth

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A special airport as the door to Australia on the non-stop services from London for sure. The pictures look very modern, which US always a great thing and with capacity for the A380 and a very Good Geographic location it will hopefully have a bright future once this Covid pandemic is over. Thanks for the interesting post!

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This info is wrong. Terminal 1 (International) is used for international flights and Terminal 1 (Domestic) Virgin australia has there own terminal as well.

Terminal 2 is used for regional services like Rex and alliance etc.

Terminal 3 is Qantas and is used for international flights, interstate services and regional.

Terminal 4 is Jetstar interstate and regional travel.


I love these kind of post just to know some facts. 😄


Good topic on my home airport! Just to expand a little:

T2 also hosted Tigerair Australia before it went bust :(

T3 is Qantas International, Jetstar and Qantaslink

T4 is Qantas domestic and Qantaslink

Also, Emirates inaugurated the first commercial A380 service to Perth in 2015. I’ve attached a few picture of the occasion (excuse the quality)! The Qantas first visit was a promotional flight, and Qatar did not fly into Perth until 2012, and they initially did so with the 77L.


Nice topic. You should do more History of… on airports not in the Americas more often.

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