The History Of Newark Liberty International Airport

I’m particularly excited for Air New Zealand starting flights to Auckland from Newark. That will be a route which I also hope to have the opportunity to fly IRL.

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Pigeons… not at thing in Florida

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When is that happening?

Yep. There’s also an American flag with the numbers 93 at the TSA Pre-Check/Clear security check point in Terminal C.

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Never noticed that one, good eye!


Yeah we don’t have too many. Then again no one goes to DTLA unless they have to 😂

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Oh, forgot to mention this. United Express is the biggest airline at Terminal A, operating nearly 40% of flights from there.

Sorry, EWR police here. 😂

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It was supposed to stat this year but got postponed due to the pandemic.

JetBlue is a close second my friend. Where’s the source???

Thanks for the info!

United controls over 70% of the slots at EWR. If you look at the daily amount of United Express flights and compare to the slots they have at Terminal A, you are nearing 40% (percent of Terminal A, not total airport percentage).

Article from 2016. Slightly outdated, but the percentage is still above 70%.

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True, but you aso have to remember not every gate is filled at every second. But it is most likely true, as JetBlue probably only controls 5-10% of slots atl Newark, although that’s a lot for a larger airport like Newark where united has almost every slot.

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@Z-Tube, (but we know JetBlue is the best at Newark tho) 😝

Newark is my favorite airport!

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Awesome topic! I’ve never been there but It seems kinda better and modern than JFK. I hope to visit it and see the flag of gate 17, my respects.

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Some time ago Malaysia Airlines used to operate to Newark, first via Dubai, and then via Stockholm Arlanda. It was a strange routing on Malaysia Airline’s part, however that would be one of their most successful routes. As successful as routes such as KL-Sydney and KL-Amsterdam.

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Mistery of the history! (PM me if you get that) Great post! Looking forward to more!

(I don’t get it lol) what movie??

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It’s from these 2 youtubers. It’s… hard to explain . Only the OG viewers will know…

I love the details in this thread! Nice job!

Maybe soon in the future, you could do San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) as it has a peculiar history and one of the weirdest Class Charlie airspaces, departure procedures, and approach procedures in the United States

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