The History of Infinite Flight Wiki

Oh wow! You’re young. I finish high school at the end of this year. It’s more like in September as I have my HSC and exams…

Not to be confused, but where is the IF wiki page?

I got IF just before the 757 and 717 update, but knew about it for a long time before that.

What happened to this topic? Can we continue to add to it? I think it’s a great way record the history of IF.

This is a great idea!!

I remember a while ago on the old forum (long before this one was created), some kids tried adding all the virtual airlines to the wikipedia page for IF.

Did it ever work? Or was it copy right?

No. A bunch of people and I immedietely deleted that section. Let’s be honest…who would really care about that?

I just added several things to the wiki! You guys are free to add things like teasers and hotfix updates aswell:-)

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Wrong, it was the 1st of April. And april fools joke.

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Should probably add beta testing up there @PlaneCrazy.😉


Thanks for letting me know, just fixed it;-)

Just added “Global Update Released” to the wiki! Yay!

I just added the MD-11/DC-10 Update. Let’s continue keeping this wiki updated!

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Why is the wiki blocked ?

Only regulars (TL3) can edit/add info to the first topic. You’re TL1

You have to be a regular to edit wikis. Read this to learn more about the different trust levels:

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Yeah but I can’t go in the website

Which one can’t you accsss?

This one