The History Of Fort Lauderdale Airport!

The History Of… Series!

I am starting a new series where every so often, I will go over the history of a certain airports throughout the world. Today, I will start with my personal favorite airport, and home airport Fort Lauderdale! Please vote in the poll below, to tell me which airport I should do the history of next!

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (IACO: KFLL)

Early History

The airport at Fort Lauderdale was originally named Merle Fogg Airport, and it was built on an abandoned 9 hole golf course, between the cities of Dania, Hollywood, and of course, Fort Lauderdale. Do United States Navy used it to help fight in World War II, where it was a naval air force base station also known as NAS Fort Lauderdale. It closed in 1946, And wouldn’t see the light of day again until June 2, 1953, when it was renamed to Broward County International Airport.

Start Of Commercial Service

Soon after, commercial flights to Nassau began, and flights to Washington National began with Northeast Airlines, and National Airlines flew to Idlewild. In 1966, the airport was serving most major national destinations.


The airport was now served by some of the largest US carriers at the time. Including but not limited to Delta, United, and Eastern. In the 1990s, the airport sure to take a low-cost charge. In the span of four years, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue Airways all opened base in Fort Lauderdale. Spirit airlines, having their main hub located there. As this low cost trend continued, it forced major airlines to rethink their route map to FLL. United Airlines decided to remove themselves completely from the airport in 2008, and American moving their long lived Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles services over to nearby West Palm Beach.

The 2000s And On

In 2007, the airport decided it would be best for the growth of them to administer fees to private pilots. This was one of the first airports to do it at this time. Landing fees from the airport were roughly $10. Emirates also served the airport for about four years, starting in October 2016. They used it with the rare 777–200 LR aircraft, but the service was removed in 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Source: The reason why emirates chose to fly to Fort Lauderdale in the first place was because they had a codeshare agreement with JetBlue, which still lasts, however Fort Lauderdale was just not a profitable enough route for them to keep flying during the pandemic.


Now, the airport has four terminals. Numbered 1-4.

Terminal 1

Terminal One is home to Southwest, WestJet, Alaska, United, Allegiant, Silver, and JetBlue (Some Int’l Destinations). This terminal recently underwent a full renovation. They added a walkway to connect all the concourses, which is concourses A, B, and C.

Terminal 2

Terminal two is the smallest terminal at Fort Lauderdale. It only consists of the D gates, it is home to Delta, Air Canada, and Air Canada Rouge. It is currently undergoing a renovation, which should be done very soon. The terminal used to be very closed off and crammed, but now they are making it open and modern.

This is a rendering of what the terminal will look like once completed.

Terminal 3

Terminal three is home to American, Azul, Norwegian, some Spirit flights, and almost all of JetBlue’s operations. This terminal is to go under renovation very soon, once they are completed with terminal 2. It does get very crowded at the peak times, but it is definitely much preferable to Miami (in my opinion)

This terminal is going under renovation soon.

Terminal 4

I can’t go through exactly every airline that flies to terminal four, because I would literally be sitting here all day. But the main airlines that fly here or Spirit Airlines, Air Transat, Bahamasair, Avianca, and much more. This terminal underwent a major renovation back in 2016, so it will not be going under renovation again. It consists of the G concourse, but the H concourse was demolished during the renovation. In the process, however they did expand the G concourse. Terminals three and four are the only two terminals at the airport to be interconnected through a bridge. Although this is the plan for all the terminals very soon, these were the first to be done.

Most Flown Routes From FLL

Rank Airport Airlines
1 Atlanta Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
2 Newark JetBlue, Spirit, United Airlines
3 New York-LGA Delta, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit
4 Nassau Bahamasair, JetBlue, Southwest
5 Baltimore Southwest, Spirit
6 New York-JFK Delta, JetBlue
7 Toronto Pearson Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing, WestJet
8 Montreal Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing
9 Port-Au-Prince JetBlue, Spirit
10 Charlotte American, Spirit

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Fascinating topic, Zac. FLL has always been a weird airport to me for some reason. This just made it even weirder. 😝

I also better see EWR next. Please and thanks. 😊


I went to this airport in January, pretty nice coast approach.

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Tel Aviv since this airport is interesting


I put EWR and TLV in there just to stump you to see which you would pick… my guess was correct.

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Glad you enjoyed! All great features of my home airport 😝

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I wish I could’ve enjoy it more, I stayed for less than one hour in both of my trips since they were connection flights. The only thing I was able to do was order a Starbucks drink and then board my plane, lol.

I hope you were flying JetBlue… or you were making a mistake…

I think I did the mistake…

You know unpopular opinion but I did not like FLL. Flew in on Allegiant than had to go out of the terminal and take a bus to T3 for JetBlue and go through security again

I went to Southwest Terminal and it was so crowded.

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I flied out FLL to DCA and the take off was so vertical, literally rocket take-off, I’m not a frequent flyer so I don’t know if that is normal…

No, this basically never happens. I’ve flown out of Fort Lauderdale hundreds of times, and I’ve never had a weird takeoff at all

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Southwest has concourse B, which tends to be the most crowded, because Southwest has a very short turnaround time, so if you fly into one of the better councurces like Concourse C, D, E, F those have airlines that have a longer turnaround times, meaning a lot less people. And I agree, the times I flew from Southwest have always been the most crowded.

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Again, as I mentioned, they are fixing. Within the next few years, all of them will be interconnected through hallways. This is part of the renovation process that’s going on right now.

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If I knew how to upload a video I’ll show you, I really felt in a rollercoaster.

Yeah, that’s kind of weird. There might of been a bunch of wind that day, or you might’ve had a very light load. (Or a bad pilot lol)

Maybe a bad take off, but I really enjoyed it, it was so vertical and then the plane started banking to the right, in a 737 that it’s clearly more uncomfortable than the 738.

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Where were you heading to?

DCA, Ronald Reagan National.

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