The highest place in the world!

RKSI ~ VNKT KE695 B777-2B5(ER)

Unbelievable scenery of Nepal!

A cool view of the Himalayas…♥


Great Pic!

Actually, it is not the highest place in the world.


I think the Op meant the Everest, which VNKT is the closest airport to fly to. Many Everest sightseeing flights takeoff from there.
Great place to visit!

Awesome photo there, loving that lighting and those mountains in the background!

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I saw you! I was going from VTCC-OTHH.

Kathmandu isn’t the highest airport in the world, Daocheng Airport in China’s Sichuan Province is!

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I am obliged to agree with you.

Awesome photos!

Maybe he meant the Mount Everest which is located relatively close to Kathmandu