The heck did I do?

I literally just transferred to departure why am I being yelled at already?

It might be a mistake, try contacting your controller.

I think you were near other traffic and he could not get ahold of you until that very moment (based on the traffic alert and the heading issued after that make it seen urgent) when you switched over to his frequency. However, I do not understand why he right off the bat issued a “please follow instructions” without any cause.

As it seems, @Drummer was your controller. Please send him a private message to discuss it, if you think it was wrong :)


If you have an ATC Appeal you should ask @Tyler_Shelton or @Will_A because none of us are qualified to deal with this (officially) since we are not IFATC staff members. You should probably have DM them privately about this.

@ appeals *



Yeah thats what I meant I pinged @ will because he is apart of that team and I did not want to ping all of them :)

I think Drummer meant to say traffic alert but accidentally clicked the please follow instructions command because he was rushing to avoid a collision. Then, he gave you a heading because he did not have enough time to say “disregard that message” because he was focusing on making sure there was not a mid-air collision.

Might just be a simple mistake :)

Hey, Sam! I always recommend going straight to the source. Chatting with @Drummer via PM would be the easiest way to see what the warning was for, whether or not it was a mistake, or if there was something you overlooked.

If you have trouble contacting him you can send me a message and I’ll gladly get you two in touch! 🙂



Hello @Sam_Ortiz,

I’ll send you a pm. I was planning on messaging after I closed