The "Headliner", an early morning arrival

Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

Airline: Ethiopian Airlines

Route: CYYZ - HAAB

Time: Sunrise

No editing was made.

As the morning rolls in, we all have our long hauls coming in to land to bring the end of another magnificent adventure. Today’s brought me a close call between a Saudia 787 as Approach was just logging on. Looks like a fun day at Addis Ababa, hope to see you around today!


Ok that looks dangerous. Are all the virtual passengers ok?


great job! Don’t know how you manage to get that close with ATC online 🤐

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That looks to be at least 1000 feet vertical separation. I’d also say more than 3nm lateral. Remember, zooming can do a lot.


Great photo! That’s an angle I’ve never seen before and it’s really cool, well done 👏

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Stop crashing @ECoops123 😜

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I saw you took off from Toronto CYYZ about 1 hour after my event left from Toronto CYYZ to Europe.

Nice Flight, Photos

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Aww they’re going in for a kiss🙂

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Very nice shot!

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Just about. Some others didn’t make it on their landing. Only visual approaches on 07’s. Pretty funny seeing some people land without any Autopilot.

Approach had literally just went online, and whilst I was trying to find airport charts that weren’t from 2003 I wasnt watching my screen, and got told ‘traffic alert’ and got directed away. It was all good. I started recording after that until I ended my flight in case anything happened. That recording is an hour long… lol.

It was about between 500-1000ft vertical separation. The 787 was turning onto base whilst tuned onto Tower, and me turning right away from the aircraft being directed by Approach to climb by 1,000ft since we were the same height on a collision course. We were 1nm apart. 😨

I like experimenting. Mainly for scenic views of cities. Luckily I’ve travelled a lot and know the world in satellite imagery like the back of my hand.

Stop flying to/from KSFO and EGGP 🤷‍♂️😂. I didn’t crash luckily, I caused a go around on final though becuase I couldn’t exit the runway in time, I touched down so late and was lnctue verge of a self-go-around.

Yeah I think I heard ya’ll on unicom 😂. I forgot to tune off

Ethiopia has a strong bilateral relationship with America mainly for military purposes. America and Saudi Arabia aren’t a good mix. It would be ‘kiss, SHBOOM!’

I think I over typed.