The Hawaii Express DC-10

The Hawaii Express DC-10:

image - Frank C. Duarte Jr.

The Hawaii Express Company:

image(IATA: LP, ICAO: HEA) - Nicknamed “The Big Pineapple” Airline
Hawaii Express was a scheduled passenger airline that operated flights between Los Angeles, California (LAX) and Honolulu, Hawaii (HNL). They acquired two McDonnell Douglas DC-10 aircraft in May of 1983 to replace the 747. The operations with the DC-10 lasted about 7 Months and then on December 20th of that year; the airline filed for bankruptcy and got rid of the aircraft.


“In my opinion I think this Livery is beautiful. It really shows the state of Hawaii’s colors. And it would be nice flying on this Livery.” - @JaeThePlane808

"This aircraft is certainly something (With the Pineapple)… But I sort of like it and would love to see this Hawaiian Old’ Timer fly in the “Great World of Infinite Flight” - Me :P

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Idea By: @JaeThePlane808
Made By: Moi.

We need more Hawaiian liveries. This would be a great addition to IF.


Man, does anyone remember my Air Hawaii DC-10 livery request?

Same guy started the airlines, and they are both 2 DC-10s (this airline had a 747 at least) and both airlines went bankrupt in less than a year… You got my vote!


Would be super awesome to see both of the liveries fly.


Oh yes, Pineapple Air🛬🎷🛫

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That’s not the one that really needs to be added WHAT ABOUT HAWAIIAN AIRLINES and United Airlines I was shocked


Im with you on those… But Pineapples are pretty cool :P


I agree. But united airlines? To be honest there are so much aircraft with that Livery on IF. And there’s only 3 Hawaiian liveries. Such as Hawaiian Air, Island Air. We need more Hawaiian Aircraft. The DC10 Hawaiian Airlines was requested but not granted.


I second that with the “We need more Hawaiian Aircraft.”

It was a shame that none of them were granted but we got some great ones in this update and hopefully this (or any Hawaiian Aircraft) can be added in the near future

And btw… This isnt the place to yell about liverys not being added… This one is for this livery. :)