The hardest visual approach that I have ever done

I did the PAJN Visual approach runway 26
It is HARD

40 mins
Landing VS -347 (ouch)


And it had a STEEP approach angle
More than London City

Cool angles and nice work landing the plane! I love seeing the runway lights peeking out just behind the mountains.


Great photos! Glad you flew to Alaska!

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Good flight … you already tried to land in Tegucigualpa MHTG

Wow, maybe I’ll give this a shot soon. Nice pictures!

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I’ve done that approach many times and enjoyed it every time.

Oh nice, looks like a fun approach!

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Nice approach! I’ve flown once from this airport on rwy 8 and after takeoff I had to do a sharp turn to follow the SID and it was really difficult

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Nice airport, didnt know it. May go here one day !

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