The HA-420 Honda Jet

The original topic had about 3 sentences and barely any detail so I decided to make a better one.
So I was watching TopGear last night, and they were in Dubai, Matt Leblanc was flying in the Honda Jet and I thought, wow that jet may be small but it looks awesome:

The cockpit is as small as the Cessna citation x and it looks luxurious for something that small:

The interior itself is very luxurious and looks very spacious for a small plane:

I think this jet would be so nice to fly in infinite flight as it is very very fast and is very efficient. I think it would be great for this plane to be added as we currently only have 1 jet in the game- the Cessna citation x which almost no one flies anymore. I would personally be flying this plane out of Dubai a LOT when global releases, please let me know what you think :)

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