The guide to using IF for your pilot training

I recently passed my PPL check ride and looking back I don’t think I could have done it with out Infinite Flight. In this article I give examples of how this app helped me with real world training, enjoy!

Infinite Flights ATC program had one of the biggest impacts on my ATC communications as a student pilot. I highly recommend joining IFATC and learning the basics of ATC communications. I have to say this was a game changer coming in with this knowledge.

Flying the 172
As we all know the reworked 172 has made IF much more GA friendly for students to learn the basics of steam gauges. Flying the 172 and getting familiar with all the basic instruments really gave me much more confidence in the beginning of my training. One other important thing I would do was practice stalls and other maneuvers that required many steps.

Tracking VOR
I have to be honest tracking VORs was one of the more confusing things at the beginning of my training. After a lesson going right onto my phone or iPad to practice VOR navigation really helped me progress in a more timely manner.

Airport markings
This might seem like a simple thing but when it’s on your written exam don’t come crying to me. All joking aside taxing around with real world taxi ways and hold short lines definitely helped me get a better understanding of how airports are marked up.

Connecting to Fore Flight
These days technology plays a much bigger roll in aviation. Getting familiar with how it works is imperative, the seamless connection to ForeFlight helped me get familiar with the set up of technology in the real world cockpit.

In conclusion
At the end of the day this simulator has helped me gain so much knowledge that I will bring with me through out my real world flying. I think the fact that this is a mobile simulator plays a huge roll in the convince of using this great app. Very excited for what the future holds for this app!!

Now let me know how Infinite Flight has had an impact on your training?


Congrats on getting your PPL. What an achievement!

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Thank you !!

Congrats on the PPL! Very interesting read. I can totally understand how IFATC and VORs in IF would help learning IRL.

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Congrats on your private license!

So personally, the most that Infinite Flight helped in my training was in my instrument rating. Gave me immeasurable experience in practicing holds, shooting an ILS and holding the LOC and GS like it’s your life, along with other instrument approaches (VOR, GPS, circling, DME arc etc.), basic IFR ATC comms, interpreting and reading charts to fly SIDs, STARs and approaches (this was before real world procedures were added to the sim), and of course, using the instruments-only view to practice IFR flying.

You’ll hear very often that a lot of pilots do a substantial amount of their IFR training mostly in the simulator. Now while Infinite Flight isn’t a fully-fledged AATD or PC sim, it’s a very accessible, hands-on alternative which provides a really good degree of realism for you to practice those IFR moves at your leisure.

Also a side-mention to my multi engine rating. I switched from a “steam” aircraft (Piper PA28) to a “glass” aircraft (Diamond DA42), and the only reason I knew how to do a quick instrument scan of a glass cockpit, right from the first time I got into the DA42, was because I’d flown a glass setup in Infinite Flight.

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