The gse problem

So, I have came across this same problem as many others, most of the staff ask whats wrong? When its pretty obvious whats wrong.

So first we have the catering truck, with smaller aircrafts the back where the food and drinks are stored do not go up all of the way, how is the guys suppost to serve if it isnt fully up?

The Catering truck and other gse not going up far enough or going to close to the aircraft, this happens quite a bit with most of the aircraft and its pretty unrealistic because how is the catering dude suppost to get the trolly on if there is about 4 inches below the door?

The bag slide, the bag slide isnt close enough and is too high to the cargo floor this happens with alot of the aircraft and is quite annoying. The real question is, is the guy doing the bags going to trickshot it onto the slide😂.

The pax being to close and too high to the door, this happens with alot of aircraft aswell and is ofc annoying because in real life the damage fees would be insane😂 Here are some more examples…

Thank u for looking at this much appreciated and i hope the team can fix this as its been about for too long now and it wont go unnoticed. Thanks🤙


Damn i actually didn’t notice fair play for the spot


Thanks lad thats what happens when your me😂 im a bit of a weardo when it comes to this😂


No really your good a pointing out things
Also these things get recognised too so your doing a big favour

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Thanks man🤙


No problem man

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Yes this have been an issue, but this is probably one of their least priorities right now. As there is a lot of bigger issues that they are targeting to fix. I’m sure this will eventually get fixed though.


I swear thwy should get all the problems done and release it as a pack😭😂

This had been the issue for small aircraft for a long long time, the catering truck won’t align with the aircraft doors hope they will fix the issue real soon , this really deducts the realism of the game

Exactly and it makes them look lazy😭

Realism was deducted for me when i found out that people fly lax to sfo in a emirates a380😭

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This is also kinda hmmmm

I’d have to agree. This is an absolute deal-breaker for me, it almost makes me want to cancel my sub. The developers should cancel all new aircraft and features and make this insignificant detail their top priority. How dare they not pay attention to these extremely important features?

this is satire, don’t kill me. Yeah it’s a detail issue, but I really don’t think it’s a priority to get this fixed. GSE is simply a visual aspect, I’m sure you can live with them being slightly misaligned


Dang this satire

R.I.P impatient for updates people (85% of peeps here)

This is Infinite Flight not GSE simulator

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Bhahhaha ik but they could give it a touch up

We know of these minor issues but feels that there are way bigger issues to prioritize ;)