The Group's Global New Year's Celebration @ KMIA - 020100ZJAN17

The Group hosts its first event! You thought New Year’s Eve was fun…

Server: This event is for experts only, so expert server.

Region: Southern Florida

Airport: KFMY to KMIA

Time: 0100Z (Around 8pm EST Jan 1)

NOTAM: Spawn at KFMY West ramps. Fly to active airport (KMIA) and do 17 patterns taking 1 sip of water between each pattern to stay hydrated. 17 patterns to celebrate the past 17 years in which most IFC members were born. Land for pic with the group.

No pattern work at KFMY. If you want to get airborne, hold Southeast of the airport. Save pattern work for KMIA.

Callsign: Dragon ## (Airline callsign for Dragon Air)

Recommended Aircraft: Fighters, but anyone can join in whatever they are comfortable with.

Disclaimer: Over consumption of water may result in drowning. We are not responsible for anything that may occur, including but not limited to broken tablets/devices, crash landings and ghostings!


I was born in 2000… :)

Well this is in celebration of you!


Sounds like good fun I’ll be there

I swear i saw the same post yesterday


There was a difference.

Minor in some ways, very major in others.

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Yeah I just noticed

Yes major difference this one is at KMIA instead of KJFK since FNF is at NY.


May I join you guys?

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ar i think this is a good event i would defiantly try 2 come k thx


Of course you can join

Ar, your satirical attitude comes across as obnoxious and immature if you’re not careful. Thank you for inviting me to this, but I will not be attending.


This made my day😂. Sounds great but I won’t be attending:)

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Yep the difference is this one doesn’t have violence in

Please do not attempt to publicly chastise me. If you do not wish to come please do not. I am simply respecting Laura’s decision in the other topic by altering the event so it is compliant. I invited you because you seemed interested in the original event. If not, I appreciate your rsvp.

To everyone else, sorry for the off topic chatter.
Hope to see everyone there it’s gonna be great.


Yoooooooooo still bringing lemonade

I’m in

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what happened to the alcohol one in NY?

There will be no events that condone drinking alcohol. However, you are free to make those decisions yourself.

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I was just wondering what happened to the other event. It doesn’t concern me though because im not 21.

If you’re not careful, you may come across as something other than boring and whiney.

Event edit for Carson:
•Do 17 crash landings
•Complete a Rubik’s cube after each crash and take 1 sip from your juice box
•Wipe 17 tears away for each hurt feeling @AR_AR has caused
•Kiss a pig
•Land for group photo (pending submission of completed parent permission slip)


I’m pretty sure this is when randy savage shows up… let’s wait and see