The ground sinks


Thank you for always taking care of me!

It sank from the front wheel when I was taxiing the 787 in Dubai and Los Angeles, and from behind when I was pushing back the A330 in Zurich! Is this a solved problem?

Thank you!


This issue can happen every once in a while. The link below should help you solve the issue.

This has never happened to me but it looks like a glitch or a IFAET problem

I passed a DAL A339 like this while taking my UVAL test

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And if you close the gates are gone too

It’s a bug when a section of terrain doesn’t load in correctly, and the scenery cache needs to be cleared to remove the bugged data of thart area.

It’s not an airport editing problem or anything of our control. :)

I’m very aware of that and my apologies

It is a glitch, an app restart and scenery cache clear should fix it.

I once fell through the airport a few times consecutively until I did the above

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