The ground scenery isn't loading For Me

Hi,I have been using the update for a while some times when I fly while decent and landing my ground scenery isn’t loading and is very blurry like usually when I go from good wifi connections to bad and then to good this thing happens


Some areas might not have 15m Satelite imagery. That might explain why the terrain is blurry ;)

Can you mention which areas did you fly when the issue occurs?

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Hello Tommy! First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you’re facing this problem.

This seems to be the reason behind your issue.

When flying either on Solo and the Live servers, you must maintain a stable and strong WiFi or data signal since the terrain is streamed. Looks like your scenery cache might be corrupted; this same issue happened with me yesterday.

I recommend restarting your device (fully quitting Infinite Flight, even in the background, then reopening).

Please let us know if this works for you. :)